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  1. understanding THD distortion measurements

    REW Forum
    I have a two-way loudspeaker system in which I do not understand the THD measurements I obtain with REW. The woofer THD measures like this (first jpg) before the crossover filtering (low pass LR2, miniDSP): Then after the low pass LR2 filter it looks like this (2nd jpg), with lots of...
  2. THD+Noise using sweep

    REW Forum
    Hi all, I've been looking for a software that does THD+Noise measurement across a specified range rather than a single frequency, but no luck so far. So I'm starting to doubt if this is actually possible to do. I know REW does generate THD from the sweep, but not THD+Noise. I've also seen...
  3. Suggestion for THD graph to JohnM

    REW Forum
    Hi JohnM, I posted this on AVS forum and it was suggested to me by AustinJerry to post this here. REW is fantastic software by the way! My suggestion is for possible "visual" improvement of the THD graph. In the two distortion charts below the cursor is at about the same horizontal point...
  4. THD tests

    REW Forum
    I'm getting lousy THD results. Has anyone used REW to test receiver THD? If so, how?
  5. THD measurements

    REW Forum
    In my setup (Umik-1 miniDSP Mic) the measured distortion figures sometimes are consistently high, like >20% other times consistently low like <5% or even <1%. Lately it has been consistently low. Any suggestions as to what might be causing this? My graphs seems fine as they are very...
  6. Scale format in REW

    REW Forum
    Hi Everyone, I am a very "lucky" REW user and think that some new feature could be added. I am currently using REW more for hardware testing (amplifier, codec, filtering, ...) and noticed that results seems to be always in "acoustical" format (dbSPL, dB(A), ....) rather than in "electrical"...
  7. Current (12.3) THD tests run on 20-39 PC+...?

    Hi all, I have been looking for FR and THD graphs for a 20-39 PC+ using the new 12.3 drivers. Iikka has results posted for a PB12 Plus/2 with 12.3 drivers, and since I have a pair of 20-39 cylinders, is that relatively close? Somewhere I read that the new 12.3 drivers are very close to the...