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  1. Ducting for Home Theaters

    Home Audio Acoustics
    Bryan, Believe me I have considered stuffing the joist with fluffy insulation, covering with decorative cloth and forgetting about the dropped ceiling. It could happen! Right now the ringing seems to be getting worse, maybe something is coming loose? This helps convince me the major problem...
  2. Lancaster theaters

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    Hello all, I'm starting on my new home theater. I had one in my previous home and now I cannot identify myself with relaxation without a theater in the new home. I'm taking with me all the electronics and furniture. Things that make the room look like a theater is staying, ie the 100" screen...
  3. Dedicated Home Theaters in STL MO!

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    Looking for others who are starting down the road of Dedicated Home Theaters in the St Louis area. Would like to compare notes and best places to shop in the St Louis area! Hope there is a couple of us out there! Danman213:yay:
  4. Anamorphic Projection Theaters

    Home Theater Projectors
    This thread is for all members who have Constant Image Height projection, to show off their theatres.. I'm sure there are few out there, so lets have a look (just out of interest) at what your set up is like.. Information like.. Room size.. Screen size (as in width) Projector.. Lens.. Seating...
  5. Movie theaters, Are they dying?

    Movies | TV Shows | Hollywood
    After reading this thread and some of the other threads going here it has really come to light that it seems that theaters as we know them are going to have to come up with some really cleaver initiatives if they are going to stay in business. We have 5 really large megaplexes here and two IMAX...
  6. Narrower Theater seats like commercial Theaters?

    Home Theater Seating and Accessories
    Hey Shacksters, I'm looking for banks of seating that are narrower and have seats that fold up and backs that slightly tip back. I have about 15' across and would like to seat a lot more people than the big padded leather seats. Any help with where to acquire that kind of seating would be much...
  7. Movie Theaters vs. Home Theaters

    Movies | TV Shows | Hollywood
    I don't understand the vow not to go to theaters? I know, it's a given we all love home theater. I certainly do. But I love movies, the whole experience of home movies and movie theaters goes along with it for me. I could never make such a vow, in fact I go to the movies about twice a month -...
  8. showcasing home theaters

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    Hey All, I am a home theatre enthusiast at heart and i know a lot of you are as well. That passion has led me to create http://www.thumbsupshowcase.com/. Its a site where you can showoff your home theater and have others vote or comment on it, etc... I would really appreciate some feedback. Let...