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  1. Need help with thermal fuse in transformer

    Hi all, i have a Pioneer a-205 amplifier, recently i power it up and nothing turn on, after some diggin i found that the primary winding of the transformer is open, i suspect that is the thermal fuse, because the last time was working ok, and the next nothing, no problems of any kind earlier...
  2. PS3 Maintenance Series (Changing Thermal Paste)

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    All right we have now come to changing thermal paste in the PS3 Maintenance Series, the stock paste just does not cut it for whatever reason this is where Sony went wrong either there is too much or there is not enough to cover the Cell or RSX. I have notice that after sometime has passed...
  3. Convergence amp replacement - thermal pad or thermal grease?

    Convergence problem on SP43W6HF rear projection TV: In replacing the STK392-040 ICs, should I re-use the thermal pad which resides between these devices and the heat sink, or should I use a thermal compound/grease instead? So far I have replaced 4 burnt resistors in the blue and green...
  4. Thermal fuse Location KDF60WF655

    Can anyone tell me where the thermal fuse is located on a KDF60WF655 Thanks for any help on this