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  1. TV over Phone line, Thoughts?

    AV Home Theater
    Our phone company is now offering TV over the phone line the packages include a lot more HD channels than my current cable provider does. has anybody had any experience with it and is it as good quality as cable? My big concern is bandwidth, as i would most likely switch over everything (phone...
  2. DIY System REW Results -- Thoughts?

    REW Forum
    Finally got around to doing some sweeps the other day, here are the results. I have the digital RS meter and cal file, hence why I only ran up to 3Khz. The soundcard is calibrated, and is a pretty nice one (Auzen Prelude X-Fi in audio creation mode) Setup includes my DIY 3-way floorstander...
  3. Polk RC85i in wall speakers any good ?

    Home Audio Speakers
    I'm planning on using two pairs of the Polk RC85i in wall speakers for surrounds in my theater room. the main speaker is a 8" driver with an aim able tweeter .They have been marked down to $ 149.00 a pair. I plan on building in wall boxes and lining them with insulation to help as well. I'm...
  4. Camco Vortex 6, thoughts?

    Subwoofer Amps | High Pass Filters
    So by happen chance I bought a "in need of repair" Camco Votrex 6. Camco is a german company that designed and developed this amp. It does need repair as it keeps blowing an internal tube fuse every time its plugged in. I am dropping it off with a friend that works at a professional audio...
  5. thoughts? suggestions?

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    ok ive given up im gonna get a Pro Amp. i think im gonna end up getting the CSStrio12 just cause of price/performance #s ive seen in winisd. i plan to have 2 boxes 4.5c^ft tunned to 19.86 <winisd est> with a highpass filter set to 18hz. first question: what do i buy to get the 18hz, and is...
  6. BenQ PE7700 - thoughts?

    Home Theater Projectors
    Hi all- I'm buying a house with my first HT in it! So excited. My Mitsu 1080p (wobulated) 62" has been great for BD, etc., but I can't wait to get into that media room and catch some football and play some Rock Band. That being said, I'm buying the previous owners' equipment, of which the...
  7. Anyone built a push/pull that can share their thoughts?

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    I have a thread on here with what I'm going to build. I cant however seem to find anything anywhere with others building this kind of design. Surely I cant be the first? :huh: Has anyone else done a DIY push pull sub, or know where there are examples of this I can take a look at. Cheers guys
  8. A color issue with my HD65 - any thoughts?

    Home Theater Projectors
    a month or two ago i had my lamp replaced under a warranty repair. since i had it back i had noticed some slight problems with it displaying bright images. two weeks ago i acquired an old but still boxed gretag macbeth eye one display 2. after having a go with calibrating the projector i have...
  9. REW Results.. Thoughts?

    REW Forum
    Sub Only... Sub and left speaker 80hz, phase 0 deg Final.. Sub crossed at 80hz, phase 45 deg, LFE trim -3db