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  1. Timbre match for Onkyo HT-S6100 Speakers (P163s?)

    Home Audio Speakers
    Hi! So I've narrowed down my choice of speakers to a select few and I was wondering if you guys could help me figure out based on knowledge or experience which ones would best fit into the current sound in my 7.1 Onkyo setup with an altered receiver to the Onkyo TX-NR708 and an added subwoofer...
  2. matching speaker timbre using 1124 w/REW

    Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    I just bought the BFD 1124 and have yet to use it with REW, although I manually EQed my subs a little. This thing already paid for itself IMO. I was curious if I could use BFD/REW to alter the response of my center channel (small two way) to get near the response from my front speakers (large...
  3. Swan Diva and Timbre Matched speakers

    Home Audio Speakers
    I have found a lot of people who are happy with the Swan Diva 6.1's. and c3 http://www.theaudioinsider.com/product_info.php?p=swan-diva-6-2&products_id=29 http://www.theaudioinsider.com/product_info.php?p=swan-diva-c3&products_id=49 Anyone here familiar with them? I think I am going to audition...
  4. New center to match timbre of Onix Ref 3...

    Home Audio Speakers
    There was an announcement this morning of a new center by ACA, Angel City Audio. It was announced on AudiutopiA (horen.lifeme.net). Pictures were just posted and they look beautiful. I've had Onix Ref 3s for years in my HT but thought the Ref 100 wasn't enough. Looks really interesting!
  5. Timbre matching...only important for music?

    Home Audio Speakers
    I am in a transitional period with a hodge podge of speakers currently. I have always read how important timbre matching is for at least the front stage. I have noticed no ill effects of having different brand L&R's and center. Now, I almost always listen to music in 2.1, but all tv programming...