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  1. New member, long time audio geek

    New Member Introductions
    Hello everyone,i hope all is well. I'm introducing myself to the forum and look forward to discussing audio and electronics. I'm a movie buff for the most part and to hear a dynamic and detailed system just excites me! I've finally put together a system that I've wanted for quite some time, but...
  2. REW asks for Umik-1 calibration file every time

    SPL Meters | Mic's | Calibration | Sound Cards
    Hi forum-- Why does REW make me look up my calibration file every time I start it? Can't it remember this? Am I doing something wrong? Thanks, --Myles
  3. Paul Barton receives Life Time Achievement Award

    Home Audio Speakers
  4. Which approach for time aligning speakers.

    REW Forum
    Hi, I have seen that there are numerous questions on time aligning speakers and there seem to be several approaches to this. Some of these approaches aren't really clear to me and some don't usually work well for the subwoofers. Can someone clarify if the acoustic timing signal can be used for...
  5. Denon Receiver: Time to upgrade??

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    I have an avr-890 which has served to be a great machine for strictly home theater. 105 watts x7 running m&k 4ohm speakers. I like the idea of atmos even though there is not a lot of material yet and had my eye on an avr-x2200. A little less power but got great reviews and looks to be able to...
  6. Member for 7 years, but first time posting

    New Member Introductions
    Hi, I joined way back when to get access to REW and enjoyed the email newsletters over the years but finally want to post to a thread. Looks like I can't until I jump through a couple of hoops, though! By way of introduction, I have a somewhat ageing home theatre system now, but I keep on...
  7. New Here but Long Time AVS and HT Guy

    New Member Introductions
    Hi gang! I’m new here but not new to HT and Pro Audio. Been in Pro Audio since early 90s and high end Home Theater since 2000. I’ve been a AVS forum member for years and am looking forward to spending time here. Running JVC RS400, Marantz 7702, QSC Amps, a serious LCR DIY build that I’ll...
  8. time to retire old floor stand speaker and replace with in-wall

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    I have old Sansui speakers, they still sound excellent after 30+ years, but the wife does not want to see any wires anymore so I will go with in-wall speakers. I know, a lot of you will tell me that it will not sound the same; but I'm over 60 :olddude:now and not sure I would hear a big...
  9. Measure time delay with REW

    REW Forum
    I have used REW a bit and can fumble my way through most of what I need to do. But I am certainly am not an expert. I would like to find the distance/time delay from various speakers to my listening position. Is this something REW can do? If so how? My reason is, I am running my subs wireless...
  10. Needing Help with first time use of REW

    REW Forum
    I think I have set everything up correctly although I could not get ASIO to work ? So had to stick with Java (File attached of first full range sweep) I have set up the loopback (from Mic input to the left and right soundcard outputs) and audio from the soundcard to the receiver via coax cable...
  11. First time using Umik1, soundcard question...

    SPL Meters | Mic's | Calibration | Sound Cards
    Newb to REW and miniDSP. Finishing up my diy sub and about to do some testing and measurements. Should be able to figure out everything with all the threads and tutorials but I have a question about my soundcard. Not sure how to find out if my soundcard is capable of outputting the full spectrum...
  12. Long time lurker, first time poster.

    New Member Introductions
    Hello! I figured I'd join and another forum and lean some more stuff. I review and blog about speakers, started a sub reddit /r/budgetaudiophile to help new people get into the hobby. My current set up is a 5.0 HT consisting of Pinnacle Black Diamond 2500 II Towers ,BD 70O II Center, BD 750...
  13. Which kind of screens to avoid curling edges over time?

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    I'm hesitating between buying a pull up / floor screen (such as this) and a regular, pull-down screen (such as that, that, or that). People complain about curling edges with floor screens, is it also an issue with pull-down ones? Does it make a difference if the screen is manual or electric in...
  14. Time for me..

    New Member Introductions
    Hello everybody. Neogen is from Sweden. 42 years old. Built 4 Dayton 15" UM22 sealed subs. A good start :)
  15. Filtered ETC time resolution

    REW Forum
    Hello, I can't find the answer to my questions anywhere. When examining filtered ETC measurements, I was wondering how you account for the lack of time resolution information? If I were to use this post from Northward acoustics on the Gearslutz forum as an example...
  16. Mid-Hi crossover time aligning with REW ?

    REW Forum
    I was trying to display multiple measurements / phases to align a mid-hi crossover, based on a selectable common measurement minimum phase display, and wasn't successfull… Can someone point me in the right direction ? ( Sorry to say, I'm used to Smaart 5 ) Thank you very much and best regards Klaus
  17. REW and time delay from active speakers

    REW Forum
    I have been playing with REW and also some other room correction software like Dirac (test version). However I never was really happy with the results so I stopped using oder buying something in that direction. No I have heard that active speaker often have digital amps and they would produce...
  18. Another time alignment how does this look thread

    REW Forum
    Attempting to perform t/a using a UMIK-1 & Rew. I've read probably a 100 post & spent hours researching the how's & why's. While they were extremely helpful, I'm still left a little unsure about the timing of my tweeters. So I'm attaching my file & if any one would be kind enough to take a quick...
  19. [BUG] Change rise time on decay chart applies to all measurements

    REW Forum
    open 2 measurements go to the decay chart and generate decay for each one using default values go to 1st chart, change slice interval, graph updates go to 2nd chart, slice is still at default change rise time, graph updates go back to 1st chart, rise time change from 2nd chart persists and graph...
  20. [REQ] preserve ref time on trace arithmetic (or add a copy function)

    REW Forum
    atm you can copy a trace using (A+B)/2 but the copied measurement is left with ref time of t=0 no matter where the original traces are. It would be nice if this were set automatically and/or an explicit copy option were added that avoided the need to use trace arithmetic at all. On a related...