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  1. First Timer

    New Member Introductions
    Hello Everyone. This is my first time here..
  2. First Timer - Basement Home Theater Build

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    Hello Everyone - I am in the process of finishing my basement to include a dedicated home theater room. I have done a lot of research online (mostly this forum) but still would love the community's input. The room will be 13' 6" x 23". The ceiling is 8'. It will be used exclusively for home...
  3. First Timer Questions

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    Hello all! I would like to introduce myself, and explain my situation to get some feedback from the knowledgeable members of the HT Shack. So a little bit of background; my wife and I are a young married couple that will be moving into our first house at the end of this month. One of the...
  4. First timer audio system

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    Hi everyone I listen to vinyl and have an old Kenwood 601 + matching TT and dynaudio 401 speakers. Time to upgrade but on a budget. I am thinking of the Rega RP1 TT and trying to decide between throwback receiver (Marantz 4000 or similar vintage) and new AV Denon or Marantz or other model. I...
  5. First timer needs advice (Room specifics included)

    Home Theater Projectors
    Hello all, Over the last several days I have been looking at projector / screen / room setup information until I was blue in the face. I am in a split level raised ranch and had originally planned to purchase a higher end HDTV to go on the first floor. After much consideration I have elected...
  6. First timer DIY dedicated theater needs recommendations

    DIY Speakers
    All I need your best recommendations for a high sensitivity setup for a 7.1 theater. I plan on using my Onkyo 707 to power them for the next yr. I have never built my own speaker but the builds I'm reading about here all look great. What would you recommend for my lcr and surrounds? I will...
  7. First timer, looking for some guidance

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    First off Id like to say Hi to everyone, this seems like a great forum and sure all my questions will be answered. I am embarking on my first ever diy subwoofer, well diy any speaker for that matter. I have sitting here a TC Sounds Epic 12 driver, and a Crown XLS1000 amp. This subwoofer is...
  8. Samsung HLS4266WX/XAA NO PICTURE, Timer, Lamp, Standby blinking

    I have been trying to Trouble shoot my mothers TV for her. She said one day it would not come on, the Timer light blinked, then all three lights started blinking (Timer, Lamp, Standby). Then the next day it came on and all seemed fine. The day after that it went back to no picture and the Timer...
  9. First timer measurement results

    REW Forum
    Hi everyone, I have been playing around with REW for a couple of months now and am now ready to post some graphs to hopefully get some opinions/feedback. As background, I have a 12'6" by 22'6" dedicated theater room, with AT screen. FR/FL/C/Sub are all behind the false screen wall. Sub (SVS...
  10. Samsung PCL5415R (blinking TIMER light and shuts off)

    Wasn't sure if this was the correct forum or if I should post in the General service area, feel free to move it to wherever it belongs. My problem is as follows: This TV is a bit of an old one, but I would rather repair it than throw it away! I have the Samsung PCL5415R model. I think it's a...
  11. First timer wanting to integrate TV, sound and computer

    Computers | HTPC | Media Servers
    Not sure how to do this. I recently left the 90's behind and got a flat panel {Sony 60" EX500} and want to set it up with better sound and add a computer for internet video and music or radio when the TV is off. I haven't bought a sound system yet {figured I'd wait until Black Friday} and not...
  12. Maelstrom-X Cylinder LLT - 1st Timer

    Ported Subwoofer Build Projects
    Oh boy... The closest thing to a subwoofer I've ever even owned is either the lame 8" thing that came with the klipsch pro media or the 10" not-sub woofers on my parent's old sony floorstanding speakers. I wanted a home theater and the first thing I looked at was lame HTIBs... and effectively...
  13. WD-52725 - Timer light blinking

    Here I go again on my own.. lol Ok so, despite recommendations and since I was given this unit for free.. I decided to dive into the chassis.. Found some bad caps on the power board and it appears as though this unit has been serviced before and all the caps from Jamicon did not get...
  14. hcn653w big screen tv No power flashing timer light

    :wave: I have a samsung hcn653w big screen tv No power or sound. Has flashing timer light and audio pop when i try to turn it on but will not turn on. Already Tried: I located the convergence module, disconnect all the plugs to the module. Next pulled off all three picture tube sockets off...
  15. Resetting Lamp Timer on WD-73737

    Hello, I replaced my lamp today and would like to reset the timer. I checked the service / option menus but was unable to locate the parameter. What is the procedure to reset the lamp timer? I did a search.
  16. Samsung HL-R5067W Won't turn on (Lamp, Standby, Timer Lights)

    Hello, this is a great forum! I have read many of the posts on the Samsung DLPs, I am amazed at the depth and breadth of this forum. Good job to the coordinators!!! :clap: Here is my problem: Last week we noticed that our R5067W was humming louder then usual, I immediately ordered a new...
  17. To build or not to build - first timer

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    It's time to upgrade my sorry 10" Dayton sub to something worth listening to. I was wondering is it worth it to try and build a subwoofer or go ahead a buy a ready to go box, like an SVS or HSU sub? I have never built a box before, but I know someone who if I give them some specs, they could...
  18. 2 - eD 13Kv.2 D4 build. Come help a first timer!

    Ported Subwoofer Build Projects
    Alright this is my first ported enclosure that I've ever made so I'm a big noob in that aspect. I bought two of these subs last night since eD has them on clearance. So I've got LOTS of questions here :bigsmile: I'm not really looking to experiment here. I'd like to use a tried and true nice...
  19. First Timer looking for suggestions

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    Hello all! I recently purchased my first home in Richmond, VA and it will be just me and my wife in a large home. SO... I decided what better use of a converted garage (20'x12'x10') than to turn it into a home theater! I've been reading on here quite a bit, and I think I can handle most, if...
  20. ?? Timer for my Receiver ??

    AV Home Theater
    If say I wanted my Onkyo 604 to turn on at such N such a time is there any type of gizmo that will turn it on? Kinda want it to act like an alarm clock....... I'm not sure of anything that will do that. Now there probably is some automated gizmo that will do that but I'm not looking to...