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    Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) were first introduced during 1999 at the Consumer Electronics Show, a time in which VHS tapes and printed television guides ruled the home video recording world. Now, over a decade later, we find ourselves in an era of set-top DVR boxes, navigable screen menus...
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    Hi folks, Not sure if I should start a new thread or continue with old. So maybe I'll do both. Just purchased a Yamaha 675 AVR and am trying to hook up my Tivo HD to it with hdmi. No picture and no sound. Then tried Tivo hdmi to hdmi on TV. Same result. When I connected Tivo to TV with...
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    We are considering getting a Tivo along with an OTA antenna. Is the Netflix app on the Tivo any good? How does it compare to the Apple TV Netflix app?
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    I am trying to figure out how to store and play content from Over-th-air transmission and downloads from either dvd´s or internet or from streaming. I am thinking something like a dvr or tivo, but i have little experience with storage and playback. Does anyone have any experience with this...
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    Source: Engadget
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    OK I am throwing this out there since I think this may be my only option - In my main room I have the following items/purpose: Tivo - Record OTA shows - no cable, netflix streaming Oppo BDP80 - Play Blu Ray discs, can also stream stuff from the network Squeezebox - Play flac music files Are...
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    As I consider which FP to purchase (and being a total noob to FP's), I need an OTA HD tuner for local channels and am wondering IF all of the TIVOs can be used as tuners?:dontknow: (obviously I will want to record local OTA HD shows too, but need a source for watching OTA HD programming using...
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    TiVo Inc. www.tivo.com 2160 Gold Street PO Box 2160 Alviso, CA 95002-2160 408-519-9369
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    Saw an ad in the weekend paper from Rat Shack. They have a TiVo, two tuner deal for $75.00 with a one year subscription. Good deal? Sound too good to be true? Opinions Please.