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    Got more coming in, but here's the list as it stands now.... It will always be the same as my sig, at least until it won't fit in my sig any more. Center: Polk CSi 5 | Mains: Polk RTi 12 | Surrounds: Polk F/Xi 3 | Rear: Polk RTi 70 | Sub: 2 Miller and Kreisel V-125s | AVR: Pioneer SC-05 | DVD...
  2. Movies | TV Shows | Hollywood
    Saw my first 3D film in a theater in 27 years (Friday the 13 part 3 was the last one). Today it was G-Force. Wow,... 3D has come a long way. The polarized aviator style glasses are many times better than the old cardboard red/green lens glasses. Still don't think it's ready for prime time...
1-2 of 3 Results