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  1. Tony's Stuff

    Home Theater Systems | Equipment
    Hi - Listed below is my audio and video equipment that I am currently using... TV: 70" Sharp Elite (PRO 70X5FD) Receiver: Denon (AVR-5805). Blu Ray Player: Sony (BDP-S580) Speakers: Infinity Also... TiVo Premeire Elite Cable: Time Warner Thanks, Tony
  2. Sub to play well with Tony Gee LBS towers

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    Hi all, I'm just planning out a subwoofer build to augment my main speakers that I finished a few months ago and hoping that someone can give some insight as to making the main speakers and the sub work well together. An outline of the current setup is: 1. The main speakers 2 Tony Gee Bass...
  3. Tony Roman passes away...

    Care Chapel
    I have just been informed by Molly Roman that Tony Roman (toeknee1465) of Green Valley, Arizona, passed away December 9th. His death was very sudden and unexpected. As always we are very sorry to learn when a member passes away. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Roman family.