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  1. any search tools available

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    hi can anybody tell me if there are Important any search tools or websites that allow you to search for the perfect sub or amp to use with your speakers or speaker packages thanks
  2. Web based audio tools: Convolver

    Audio Processing
    Web based audio tools: Brutefir online (router), Convolver Hi, I've just coded a simple page to make real time audio convolution and also offline convolution to download the files (working with chrome and firefox not tested in others). I hope it will be usefull: http://jsgsound.com/convolver...
  3. EQ APO / Pro Tools / DAW

    REW Forum
    Hello, I have successfully installed and manipulated EQ APO. Super cool application. But... For my purposes it doesn't seem to play nice with my audio software. I'm running pro-tools 10 to record, dit and mix music. 1 - Is there another system wide EQ that would work running under pro tools? I...
  4. Acoustic tools for dual channel FFT.

    WHat is the alternative software with cheap price instead of SMAART? Where can I get the previous version of SMAART with reasonable price?
  5. Top free DVD Ripping tools

    Computers | HTPC | Media Servers
    I'm seeking for a free DVD ripping software. I searched in Google, so many tools listed. It's hard to find a proper one. I had refer to some DVD ripping tools reviews. A relevant post: Top 3 DVD Ripping Tools(Handbrake, MakeMKV, DVD Shrink) gave some clues. I will try those 3 programs first...
  6. HELP! Tools Needed Question - Sealed Sub Box Build

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    After 6 months of waiting on a wood shop to cut my wood they closed up shop :-( Not sure if I'm getting my wood back either. Anyway long story short I have the saw and router but all I'm left with is cutting the round 18" holes for the braces and front panels. What router bit am I looking...
  7. Options under tools menu are disabled

    REW Forum
    I'm attempting to use REW with a Wallin Jig v2 to measure the thiele/small parameters of drivers and have run into a strange issue. After I perform my free-air and added-mass impedance measurements all of the options under the "Tools" menu are disabled (greyed out) which makes it impossible to...
  8. Audio tools App for iPhone/Ipod touch

    Computers | HTPC | Media Servers
    Has anybody used the new audio tools App for the iPhone and is it any good? It has all sorts of great features including an SPL meter, waveform monitor, spectrum analyzer, pink and white noise generator along with a full range of test tones.
  9. Laptop Tools

    Pro Audio
    I carry a laptop and I've got this chord progression in my head. I've got to get this thing down into my USB stick. I'm on the train to Wilmington, with plenty of battery left and an hour of time.:ponder: Not banning a DAW, but are there other programs that make it super easy to accomplish...
  10. Most used Pro Tools Commands

    Pro Audio
    In case there are new members that come in who don't know whether they should switch to pro tools from another DAW...Learning pro tools is a cinch. :) 1. Tab to transient is your dearest friend. 2. Multi-tool will save you lots of time as well 3. The most used commands you will find yourself...
  11. Optimizing your Pro Tools HD/LE system pt. 2

    Pro Audio
    In part one of this optimization guide, we focused solely on optimizing for your recording session only. In part two we will focus on optimizing for mixing and mastering, so sit back, relax and learn! Optimizing for Mixing and Mastering: If you recall in the last article, the H/W buffer...
  12. Optimizing your Pro Tools HD/LE system pt. 1

    Pro Audio
    Optimizing your Pro Tools system is yet another important part of having smooth and stable recording/mixing/mastering sessions and each particular process requires different configurations. Optimizing for recording: When recording audio, latency is a big issue, you want the least latency...
  13. What power tools are used or recommended for DIY subwoofers!

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    May sound silly, But just wondering what power tools people find most usefull for speaker cabinet assembly? Due to my line of work, I have never had a real requirement for joinery tools, I have dabbled in the stuff and have home basics, but I am fond of the right tool for the right job, if...
  14. Using REW with Digi 002 or Pro Tools?

    REW Forum
    Does anyone know how I can set up the software/hardware to run this way? I have a recording studio and use Digi 002 with pro tools. The Digi 002 can also operate in stand-alone mode and because I have my monitor speakers hooked up to it, I'd like to NOT use my computer's sound card unless it's...
  15. tools to help with X0 design

    DIY Speakers
    Many of you out there are designing and building your own crossovers. It sounds like you need to do some trial and error before you get it right. I have a question: What are peoples opinions on the minimum equipment needed to to do this (including measurement) thanks
  16. Pro Tools

    Pro Audio
    So I've been looking into buying a pro tools system but have been unable to answer 2 questions that I have. Hoping a fellow shackster might be able to help. 1. Pro Tools Academic - what does this version NOT have compared to the M-Powered version? 2. Hardware Compatability - I understand that...
  17. Acoustic items & measurement tools (Behringer mic and M-Audio)

    Classifieds - Equalization & Calibration Equipment
    Since getting my room sorted more or less I have found myself with a lot of things left over. I might as well sell it off to free up some space and cash since much of this is in my storage room and attic. 1) Acoustic measurement kit - this includes a Behringer ECM-8000 microphone, a 25' mic...
  18. Video Calibration Tools

    Video Calibration
    TEST DISCS Avia www.ovationmultimedia.com Digital Video Essentials www.videoessentials.com GetGray http://calibrate.tv/ HQV http://www.hqv.com/benchmark.cfm SIGNAL GENERATORS Accupel www.accupel.com B & K Precision...
  19. Calibration Tools

    Home Theater Projectors
    A thread about my new HD-DVD player rekindled my interest in DIY projector calibration. A long time ago (2000) I had a Mitsubishi RPTV ISF calibrated by Chuck Williams here in the D.C. area. I don't know if he's still around or what, but he did a fantastic job and the performance of the TV...
  20. DeWalt Tools?

    DIY Speakers
    I thought DeWalt bought up the European ELU tool manufacturers? ELU had en excellent reputation as pro tools but at very high prices. The present bright yellow DeWalt tools in Europe look very like jazzed up ELU models. Perhaps the ELU quality has been allowed to slip by the new management...