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  1. New Member Introductions
    Joined here as part of getting REW...now that I have, looking forward to reading a few discussion topics as well as DIY threads. Tx.
  2. New Member Introductions
    New to the forum.
  3. New Member Introductions
    I joined some time ago. I hope to learn from others. I know virtually nothing about home theatre. I am still a basic cable subscriber. My viewing experience is getting worse and worse with Rogers Cable. DaveL
  4. New Member Introductions
    Hello to all....Just turned 40 a few weeks ago and got a great gift from the wife.....her approval! So I've been spending the last few weeks going internet 'crazy' with all the new and exciting toys in the world of Home Theaters... Have almost everything in place and connected and now it's time...
  5. AV Home Theater
    Where in Toronto is a good place to purchase home theater equipment?
  6. New Member Introductions
    I'm putting together a home studio and was cruising the web for information on acoustics, studio monitors, etc. which led me here. I'm checking out REW, which looks quite promising. I'll keep you updated on my progress. Thanks, Daniel
  7. New Member Introductions
    Evening all.... I've been doing a lot of research the past couple of weeks are projectors. This will be my newest edition to my home theatre. I'm not looking to spend more then $2500 on the projector itself. I have narrowed it down to the Panasonic pt-ae4000u but any suggestions would be...
  8. New Member Introductions
    Hi, New to this Forum, i am a Movie nut so i am just building my Home System. I have a Weird shaped room but i am going to make the best of it. So far i have purchased in the past week the Following 1- SONY 60" Bravia 2 - Speaker Craft In walls AIM7 MT3 4 - ceiling AIM 8 -5 1- Center-AIM Wide...
  9. New Member Introductions
    Hello everyone, I am glad to find this forum as it contains huge amount of useful information and friendly advise. I have recently built a system in my basement. The hart of it is my HTPC which I slowly evolve. I have a dream of building my own subwoofer (and possibly speakers later on) but I...
  10. New Member Introductions
    Hey folks My name is Rob and so I call myself A Rob I have a whole lot of Toshiba in my apartment here in Toronto - My laptop is Toshiba and my TV is too. and even my old school stereo which I have had for years... I just noticed the other day that I had such brand loyalty - I wonder if I...
  11. New Member Introductions
    Hello All I'm looking forward to the hours of reading and using Room EQ Wizard on my next job. Also, thank you Sonnie for the e-mail earlier today about trying to register via FireFox. It worked fine obviously. Odd about the Safari v4.0 bug. I will be reporting it to Apple as soon as I'm...
  12. New Member Introductions
    I stumbled on this site looking for acoustic treatment strategies on the RealTrap web site, and I am already impressed. I am a new audiophile and have spent a bit of money upgrading my two channel system. For those who are interested, I have tried to keep my equipment mostly built in Canada, so...
  13. SPL Meters | Mic's | Calibration | Sound Cards
    Hello I am trying to trackdown this SPL meter as I have downloaded REW and want to start testing my HT. Radio Shack has disappeared from the Toronto landscape and has been replaced by " The Source". They have a SCOSCHE SPL 1000 meter but this is for car audio and doesn't have anologe line input...
  14. New Member Introductions
    hey all! Thanks for having me on the site. I just recently got into home theatre. Check me out at http://thumbsupshowcase.com I know it aint the greatest, but i love it. Look forward to some good threads on the forums! Mark
  15. New Member Introductions
    Hey y'all I stumbled on this site a few weeks ago and must say the topics I have read so far have peaked my interest a lot so far(Thanks), look forward to the help I know I will receive. Keep it y'all. Lammy
  16. New Member Introductions
    Here's my intro... drum role... Crash Cymbal... and welcome to the Stage JP!!!! (audience cheers :jump: and claps :clap: in amazement)! Lol Now onto the serious stuff. I am looking to build myself a nice little HT set up in the new condo that I am moving into. So far what I have read has...
1-16 of 21 Results