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  1. Toshiba REGZA 46SV670U LED LCD HDTV Review

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    Toshiba REGZA 46SV670U LED LCD HDTV By: Adrienne Maxwell LED backlighting is the way of the future for LCD televisions. Most of the top-selling LCD manufacturers now offer at least one line that uses LED backlighting. Some of these models only place the LEDs around the edges of the panel...
  2. Toshiba 42XV545U LCD TV Reviewed

    HDTV | Video Displays | Processors
    The Toshiba 42XV545U LCD TV has just been reviewed on HomeTheaterReview. Toshiba knows that the DTV transition is upon us, albeit a little delayed for now. The company is well enough aware that, just because broadcasters are sending out the TV signals digitally, this doesn't mean everything...