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  1. Toslink Signal Through Connectors

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  2. ATV3 toslink output.

    System Setup and Connection
    Hi there. I am currently employing both the HDMI and toslink outputs on my ATV3 to provide for audio/video output for the Sony Bravia and audio output for my DAC. Occasionally I play a video file via the ATV3 which produces a very loud high pitched noise through the DAC even though output via...
  3. HDMI vs TOSLINK for audio

    System Setup and Connection
    Hi There My system is an all digital line input setup with a common DA for all sources. For audio I'm taking the toslink output for each source and assigning it to a switchbox and then on to the DA. For audio/video I'm employing HDMI out, into the Sony Bravia TV which also outputs digital audio...
  4. Spdif To Toslink

    System Setup and Connection
    I have a Changhong HDTV which has an Spdif connection on the back. My other component is a Yamaha Home Theater System which has a Toslink Connector on the back. My question is, How do i connect these two components together? I already have a Toslink Cable, what other equipment do I require? i.e...
  5. Question on SPDIF or Toslink to 3.5mm Adapter

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    I have a Cambridge Soundwork id100 which comes with a Toslink out, SPDIF out, and a proprietary Camrbidge out. I was hoping to connect this to the input on my Bose Wave Radio, which I believe only has a 3.5mm Aux in. I am wondering if this can be done with a wire. The Bose must have a DAC in...
  6. Audessey through toslink vs hdmi

    System Setup and Connection
    I just bought a Denon 1611 but my HDMI cable is still in the process of being shipped to me. I am using an optical toslink cable to connect my ps3 to the receiver. I am thinking about running Audessey with the toslink connection and then switch to HDMI without recalibrating Audessey. Would I get...
  7. HDMI splitters and toslink splitters

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    Not quite sure whats going on here but what i want to do is split my hdmi out of my vip722 run it to my pj in the theater and my flatscreen upstairs right now i have a 50' hdmi going to the flatscreen and a 15' to the pj i bought a hdmi splitter but the pj doesnt like it if the tv is hooked...
  8. toslink to analog

    System Setup and Connection
    does anyone know of a device that will convert from toslink to analog stereo.. I think I have seen it but it cost over $150. Will this do it? I think price has came down. http://www.amazon.com/Digital-Audio-Analog-Converter/dp/B0013LWK3A/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&s=electronics&qid=1271873754&sr=1-6
  9. Toslink question

    Computers | HTPC | Media Servers
    Hi guys, OK, here's the setup: Macbook>TADAC>pre. The macbook's headphone jack doubles as a mini-toslink output. My question is....is there a difference in the quality of signal coming out of that fiber optic wire? Apple has a small wireless device called Airport Express that has the same...
  10. Toslink Distribution Suggestions

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    I recently had a chance to upgrade both my satellite video source (Dish VIP 722) and the TV in our greatroom (Panasonic 50" plasma). I placed the 722 in our dedicated theater so it would drive our projector from the component output and am using a 50' MonoPrice HDMI cable to drive the plasma. I...
  11. Combining 1124P & DEQ2496

    Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    The setup: 5.1 Magenpan setup combination of MC1's and MMGW's with a Monitor Audio ASW210 sub. Rotel RSX-1065 av receiver, Squeezebox Duet, Philips DVD player. Music is 95% through the Squeezebox. Goal: Smooth out my response curve as much as possible for both music and HT, music being the more...
  12. Toshiba HD-A2 using Toslink

    Blu-ray | DVD | Disc Media Players
    Im thinking of getting a Hd dvd player and was wondering about the sound performance with these when using optical toslink cables. Ive had my eye on the Toshiba HD-A2 since the price is comming down pretty fast but, I have heard that there may be some bass issues with some of these early models...
  13. Is Toslink or Coaxial best?

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    I am curious how others on the forum feel about… Do you get better audio from Toslink or coaxial cable? I see some advantages with Toslink: no magnetic or RF interference. Is there any signal degradation from the electrical to light from light to electrical conversion? Your opinions would be...