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  1. Determining Total Potential SPL for multiple Subs

    AV Home Theater
    I’m trying to determine what the total potential (textbook) output would be at a given frequency for a few different Sealed Subs. They will be optimized with MSO, however I️m trying at this point to determine a total potential SPL Here’s what I️ have: All SPL values at 16hz and Max Burst...
  2. Total newbie, first REW result

    REW Forum
    Hi, I am a total newbie at this, just got an Umik and after a quick reading of REW manual I tried to measure my speakers for the first time. My setup is for hi-fi listening, not home theatre. I have two bookshelf Harbeths on stands in a room roughly 5X7 meters. Speakers are on the short side, I...
  3. Total REW newbie

    REW Forum
    Hey guys, I'm new to the forums & just today got REW up & running on my iMac. I'm using a UMIK-1 mic for measurements. Ok, so I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing lol!!! I tried reading thru the getting started portion of the REW manual but seem to be having difficulties understanding the...
  4. Stewart Filmscreen Unveils the Total Close CineCurve Screen System

    Home Theater, Audio and Video News
    Curves, curves, curves. Samsung and LG Electronics ushered curved screens into mainstream conversation with the introduction of their curved Ultra High Definition (UHD) televisions just over a year ago. Prior to their arrival, curves were practically relegated to the commercial cinema world...
  5. Total newb, where to start?

    DIY Speakers
    Hi, Been lurking off and on for the last couple of years. Just have not had the funds to really get started the way I want to. I was gifted a Sony str-d915, not sure if it's worth using, if not I can always use it for some cheap outdoor speakers no big deal. What I am looking for is a 2.0...
  6. Total beginner user problems

    REW Forum
    Hello, I finally got my self Behringer ECM8000 microphone and now i'm ready to do some measurements. After sorting out REW issues in OSX with help of John Reekies blog post i managed to do some kind of calibration file on my RME Fireface 800 audio interface. Below is the picture, does that look...
  7. Total Recall - Blu-ray Review

    Official DVD and Blu-ray Reviews
    http://www.hometheatershack.com/gallery/file.php?n=10294Title: Total Recall Starring: Colin Farrell, Kate Beckinsale, Jessica Biel, Bryan Cranston, Bokeem Woodbine, Bill Nighy, John Cho Directed by: Len Wiseman Written by: Kurt Wimmer, Mark Bomback Aspect Ratio: 2.40:1 AVC Main Audio: English...
  8. URC Expands Total Control iOS App

    Home Theater, Audio and Video News
    Source: Residential Systems
  9. (total noob) some help reading the graphs

    REW Forum
    hello my name is Matteo from Italy i am a electronic music producer... i posted about some help few weeks ago and was asked to remake the graphs with 1/3 octace attn. after that force majeur i couldnt go in the studio anymore... so i start again here, first with a synthetic description of room...
  10. Total Newbie and need help picking the right pj

    Home Theater Projectors
    Hello everybody, Totally new to the world of projectors. Just moved to my new place and have a big hall in the basement where I am thinking I would like to have a home theater setup. 1. Dimensions: 19.5ft (width) x 30ft (length) x 7.5ft (height) 2. Seating distance: not sure yet, I...
  11. Total Noob Questions

    Home Theater Projectors
    Just bought a house that has a room the previous owner had used as a home theater. The room is 16' deep X 18' wide, with 8' ceilings. The ceiling is black, the walls dark burgundy. I calculate that my seating distance will be 12'. Please correct me but I think a 92" screen will be more than...
  12. U-Verse updates Total Home DVR, Yellow Pages app features

    It looks like U-verse customers won't be left out of all the set-top box upgrade madness going around lately, as AT&T has announced two upgrades on the way for the services. Total Home DVR users will get more was to customize their recording settings with a Series Priority option to help...
  13. Total Newbie Seeking Some Sage Advice

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    Hi All, So, I recently bought a new townhouse and I'm interested in setting up my first real media room. I tripped across this site and was blown away by the advice and community so I thought I'd post some spec's and see if I couldn't get some sage advice from all you experts. In a nutshell...
  14. Total noob needs sugestions

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    Hi I have a space under the screen that is 120" wide,32"high and 24" deep. Any suggestions as to what type of sub(ported ,sealed,etc)strictly for HT. I'm ok with filling up the entire space but I would prefer only 1 driver(15") Also where to buy drivers in Canada css is out of sdx15 until...
  15. total newb

    New Member Introductions
    just wanted to take the time to say hello to yall. Also I hope to learn lots from everyone bout home theater systems and what not. laters S.m.
  16. FS: Soundsplinter RLP-15 D2 drivers (4) total

    Classifieds - Speakers and Subwoofers
    Selling (4) of the Soundsplinter RLP-15-D2 subwoofers. They are in excellent shape and have been well taken care of. I have four total to sell. I am asking $215 each (plus shipping) for the drivers. I am also selling (8) Acoustic Elegance/CSS PR15-1800 15" passives. They are superb passive...
  17. I want to build a sub, but I am TOTAL beginner. Please help!

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    Ok, so recently I decided to start saving up for a speaker system. I am going to be getting a 2.1 system, along with a receiver of course. I was trying to get recommendations as to what kind of speakers and sub to get, and someone suggested building my own sub woofer. Apparently, for $300 you...
  18. Total Newb to the Home Theater world needs some guidance on a all in one system. PLEASE HELP!

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    I have been doing some researching and finally said I need some professional help! I have only been looking for a home theater system for about 3 days and am more confused then ever. I am not looking for something that is off the wall. Just a basic in box ready to hook up system. Here are my...
  19. Advice needed for a total noob!!!

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    Hi, I recently purchased a Panny PZ85 and I wanted to go for a new home theater. I am a total beginner so please bear with me if I sound so. 1. Interested in 60% movies, 20% each for gaming (on XBOX 360, later PS3) and music. 2. I have a 10ft X 10ft X 8ft room. I stay in a rented...
  20. Total Newbie, Great Room Suggestions?

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    I'm totally new to this site. Have been completely out of anything to do with stereos since my college days (Long time ago). I am just finishing up construction on a basement family room and looking for suggestions on equipment for a surround sound system. My room is 26' x 40'. The space...