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  1. Totem Lynk Vs totem

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    I am confused between two On-wall speakers. I took a demo of the Totem Lynks speakers ( https://baybloorradio.com/index.php?route=showroom/product&product_id=1325 ) at Bay Bloor Radio. The sounded pretty good. One of my friends told me that the Tribe series 3 is better than the Lynks. Now I am...
  2. Paradigm Mini Monitors or Totem Dreamcatcher

    Home Audio Speakers
    Hello all, I have been working to narrow down my speaker options to pair with either the Pioneer VSX-1120 or VSX-32. I loved the sound of the Paradgim Mini Monitor v6, paired with the CC-190 center and the DSP 3100 Subwoofer. Really fantastic.498 I listed to Totem Dreamcatchers the other day...
  3. Totem Acoustic Wind Design Loudspeaker Review

    Unofficial Equipment Reviews (Non HTS Reviewers)
    Totem Acoustic Wind Design Loudspeaker Review By: Frank Doris The Totem Acoustic Wind Design is a unique-looking floor-standing loudspeaker that combines a rakish appearance with extremely high-quality drivers and construction. At $13,995 per pair suggested retail, the made-in-Canada Totem...
  4. Totem speakers

    Home Audio Speakers
    I couldn't find a thread here for Totems so I thought I would start one, in hopes of generating some opinions about their different models. I recently auditioned some Totem Hawks, and really liked their sound, and aesthetics. Right now they are at the top of my short list for a new pair of...
  5. Any life after Totem mani-2 Sig. Recommendations please!

    Home Audio Speakers
    I have a pair of Mani-2 Sig. which I ran full range(29Hz-20KHz+-3db)with a B&W ASW 850 sub (Lowpassed at 40Hz)separately. This is because I prefer the sound not going through the sub's crossover. I am looking to upgrade to a good monitor of about the same size with good bass response. In my...