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  1. new toys new problems

    System Setup and Connection
    hi everyone I did a bad thing yesterday (my wife says so every time) so I end up looking on craigslist for laserdisc players and/or Discs and find one I want (almost always do) so I go to get it. When I get there this guys got a really nice setup so we hang out a while and talk HT. in the...
  2. Man Toys

    Home Theater Systems | Equipment
    Sony VPH-G70Q CRT DaLite 1.3 Matte White Screen Anthem AVM30 Anthem PVA5 Paradigm Studio 100v3 Paradigm Studio 20v3 Paradigm Studio CC590 Paradigm Servo15 Sub Behringer DSP1124P EQ (sub) Behringer ECM800 mic Behringer XENYX 802 Mixer HTPC ASUS, IntelP4, Hauppauge Tuner (cable), Divico...
  3. Johnny's Toys

    Home Theater Systems | Equipment
    Don't have the most expensive or best gears but I get by with my budget. LCD : Sharp LC40E77UN ( hoping to get a projector soon, even if I don't win that giveaway contest :) ) AVR: Denon 1910 Speakers: ELT525C x 3 ( no-rez on all 3 ), ELT525M surrounds Subwoofer: SVS PB12-NSD Source: Gaming...
  4. A couple of small toys for my H.T

    Home Theater Seating and Accessories
    Bought a couple of small things for my movie room.A sign above my room,and the CLOSED sign for my rope.Next is my riser for my seats.
  5. Joe's Toys

    Home Theater Systems | Equipment
    Here goes: LG 50PS60 (TV) Pioneer Elite VSX-21TXH (AVR) Sony BDP-S550 (Blu-Ray) DirecTv HD (Salelite) JBL Venue Stadium's (L&R) JBL Voice (Center) JBL Stadium (SR & SL) Klipsch RW-10D (Sub) Speakers and Sub are to be updated in the next few months with some DIY love! In the form of CLD 4T's...
  6. My Toys

    Home Theater Systems | Equipment
    Here's all my various home theater parts for those who might be interested. Current In Use Gadgetry Receiver: Pioneer VSX-919AH-K DVD Player: Toshiba SD-6100U Display: JVC AV-27FA44 CRT Satellite Receiver: Starchoice/Shaw Direct DSR-317 Gaming: Xbox Line Conditioner: Tripp-Lite 1200VA...
  7. My Audio Toys

    Home Theater Systems | Equipment
    Here is a basic list of the audio equipment in my home theater surround system. I don't expensive stuff compared to most on here but I sure enjoy what I have! I used to own a first generation tempest sub but sold it to a friend and now want to upgrade to another Exodus sub. They are the best sub...
  8. Matt's Audio Video Toys

    Home Theater Systems | Equipment
    Home Theater Room 500 watt SoundStream amplifier Onkyo 805 receiver Crown XLS802 Amplifier DIY Mal-X subwoofer DIY front speakers 15" woofer + compression horn driver DIY center channel 2 Mark Audio full range drivers Magnepan MMGW's surronds Epson 6100 projector Carada 114" screen Sony...
  9. my toys

    Home Theater Room Photos (Finished Rooms Only)
    photos probably can tell you more.:reading: sure, if you want to know any particular toy, just ask. HT overview:unbelievable: Tosh 62 DLP:yay: SVS 12NSD2/SB12+ subs:scared: SVS SCS/SBS speakers:rubeyes: Onkyo 905:raped: HDD player 1, HD200i by tomacro:hush: HDD player 2, 36HD by iamm:sob: HDD...
  10. A Couple New Toys

    AV Home Theater
    Hi, I was fortunate enough to pick up a couple new toys recently. First, the Vandersteen VCC-5 has replaced the VCC-1 Signature as my center channel. I'd been waiting for a good deal on Audiogon for a while, and I finally got hold of this one, with a Sound Anchor stand. The combo of the two is...
  11. New Toys - Excited

    SPL Meters | Mic's | Calibration | Sound Cards
    Since I am working on a DIY build I figured I didn't want to go through all the work without being able to quantify the results so I splurged and got some test equipment and am pretty excited about it! So the new toys are: Behringer ECM8000 - soon to be professionally calibrated Xenyx 802 -...
  12. my toys

    Home Theater Systems | Equipment
    Toshiba 62HM84:nerd: , SVS PB12-NSD2:dumbcrazy: , Onkyo NR900:wits-end: , Westlake BBSM8:mooooh: , Tannoy Stirling:hush: , muRata ES105:time-out: , Pioneer PT-R7iii:dunno: , Fostex FT60H:rubeyes: , Mirage OmniSat:rofl: , JVC DHX1/2:wave: , Sharp HRD2:huh: , Pioneer 745H:dontknow: , Sony...
  13. My Toys

    Home Theater Systems | Equipment
    My current setup consists of: Samsung 5674 HLP NAD 773 Reciever Denon 3910 DVD Paradigm Studio: 60's 570 CC ADP 470 Siesmic 12 I've had this set up for about 18 months now. Pretty pleased with it. I think the biggest problem I have is with my room and I'm currently looking into...
  14. FibreKids toys

    Home Theater Systems | Equipment
    Samsung HLP4674W DLP TV 46" calibrated Denon DVD-5900 Denon AVR-3805 Panasonic DVD-F65 Ascend Acoustics 340 L R C Ascend Acoustics HTM 200 suround Behringer BFD 1124P HSU VTF3-MK2 Sub Universal Remote HTM MX-700 Room EQ Wizard Behringer ECM8000 mic Behringer UB802 EDIROL UM-1X USB-MIDI...