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  1. Creative Sound Solutions
    Is it possible to put a trio12 kit in a 2ft3 enclosure? Would it perform well and if so what would be the tuning point? Could you still get roughly the same output with the same low tuning point for HT only. Thank you
  2. Creative Sound Solutions
    Just waiting to get the final measurements for port length and tuning, but got started today anyways: Here's the 46" piece of 16" sonotube as well as a 31" length of 6" PVC for the port: Easy to cut this stuff. Just measure it, mask off the one side as a guide, then use a jig or skil to cut...
  3. Creative Sound Solutions
    Just a quick update, I ripped apart my sonosub project and built a 16" wide THT for the TRIO 12. The new box sounds great and is smooth and loud!! Let me know if you have any questions. Rob
  4. DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    I know the rhythmik will have better sound quality but which would be better for strictly home theater? That trio opackage is certainly enticing.
  5. DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    Does anyone have a trio 12 from css in the recommended 4.5 cu.ft enclosure tuned to 20hz for home use? This sub has a 350 watt rms rating with 20mm of x-max. It is considered a "budget" sub with the ability to go low.I was wondering if 2 of these would be better than 1 css sdx-15? I like loud...
  6. Creative Sound Solutions
    I was speaking to The gentleman at CSS and he said to post this up here. I was wondering how the sdx15 in a sealed 3.5 cu. ft enclosure compares to the trio 12 kit for HT only. I have a larger room with vaulted ceiling. The trio is powered with the modified bash 500 and the sdx15 would be...
  7. DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    what would be the difference between the two set ups? The css sdx15 in the recommended sealed air space or the trio/quartet package http://www.creativesound.ca/details.php?model=QUARTET12(TRIO12)B the sdx has significantly more power but just curious with the 2 pr's in the trio package?
  8. Creative Sound Solutions
    I have begun the box, I made a few modifications from the CSS plans. To add a little height my box is 19"x19"x22. I plan on putting it between a couple arm chairs and want it high enough to hold a lamp and drink. The other deviation, I had Bob send me a Bash 300 with the kit instead of the 500...
21-28 of 29 Results