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  1. Creative Sound Solutions
    I started my 1st HT sub build this week! I've done sealed car subs, but never a ported HT sub, so I'm getting to try some new things. Here's a little background: I wanted to do a ported 10 or 12, but didn't have the space, and then my budget went away... everybody knows how that can happen. So...
  2. Creative Sound Solutions
    Ok proof of concept bass section is alive and kicking. Side view In the room being measured, prodded and poked De plan man Maximum SPL at just under X-max 500 watts. So this design quirk of an idea a couple of months ago has grown into something useful indeed. So parts for the dual...
  3. Creative Sound Solutions
    I bought a pair of these....i put each of them in its own .56 cuft box....wired together in parallel to make a 4ohm load to my amp. This is a car audio install so that is what we do. The amp is 600watts x1 at 4ohm. I am getting what i can only describe as excessive flutter out of...
1-3 of 3 Results