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  1. [EMM6/USB DualPre] - New Setup and Trouble with Input Levels / Soundcard Cal

    REW Forum
    Hello, and thank you John for the wonderful software :) OS: Win7-64 Pre-amp: USB DualPre Mic: Dayton EMM6 Here is my OS settings: 1st question: what should i have the "MIX" knob turned to on the DualPre? 'Pre-Amp', 'Computer', or half-way between? I am attempting to calibrate soundcard...
  2. trouble posting

    Community Help
    Hi, I was trying to post a new thread (I'll see if it works here also), and I get an error message stating I cannot post links or attachments prior to 5 posts. Nothing in the post contained an attachment or link. I've been on and using bulletin boards for quite a while, so maybe something...
  3. Need Help Trouble Shooting Xerox XC830 Copier

    Chat Box SWAMP
    :olddude: Looking for some assistance trouble shooting desk top XC830 copier. It was working just fine then suddenly it started partial light gray shading over 3 horizontal portions of copy image, top to bottom but not full width. Started with light shaded areas on a plain sheet. Then it got...
  4. Trouble calibrating X-fi sound card

    REW Forum
    Hi everyone. This is my first time using REW, and I'm trying to calibrate my sound card (Auzentech X-fi Forte, based on the Creative Soundblaster X-fi). It's a pretty nice card, and I'd expect the frequency response to be nearly flat...but it's far from it. Here's what I get...
  5. Having trouble with HDMI

    General Service and Technical Information
    I just purchased a new Rotel RSX 1550 and am having trouble with it already. I have a directv HR24 and a Playstation 3 hooked up to HDMI ports 1 and 2 of the 1550. The HDMI output of the 1550 goes to a Sony Bravia XBR. I turn on the receiver, TV and the Directv box and most of the time I get...
  6. 1st REW test - Trouble at 80 Hz

    REW Forum
    After some time spent on calibrating the soundcard, I was able to run some tests last night. I have my sub in the left hand of my room, up against a corner bass trap (I have 4 corner traps). I ran REW using output from my main speaker and my subwoofer. My sub crossover is set to 80 and I...
  7. trouble installing REWv5 on Winxp -file times?

    REW Forum
    Hi people After much reading :blink: and getting my connectors together, I was dissapointed to get an error message when trying to install R EQ W v5 on my Win XP service pack 3 (does have Java 5.0 installed as the download page suggests) on my desktop. Error: Setting file times: c:\Program...
  8. Trouble selecting Mic Input

    REW Forum
    Hello everyone! I use a presonus lightpipe soundcard and im having trouble detecting sound. I have the mic input on channel 13 but cant select that channel in the preference window. Anyone have any ideas?
  9. Trouble accessing music with Onkyo TX-NR3007

    Computers | HTPC | Media Servers
    I got an Onkyo TX-NR3007 a few months ago for my new home theater. It is network ready and can play music from a media server - my first device with that capability (except our PC's/laptops) - so I am now considering ripping all of my favorite CD's to our NAS (Buffalo LinkStation Mini, 500GB)...
  10. mal x 21 trouble shoot help please

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    went to watch a movie today, as soon as the bass hit, it sounded like there was a tin can inside my sub rattling around. i measured the voice coils they are 4 ohms, it was behaving fine up until this. the first day i had it i played war of the worlds, the lightning scene made a loud pop in...
  11. HTPC audio setup - trouble getting 5.1

    Computers | HTPC | Media Servers
    I'm having trouble getting 5.1 audio with my new HTPC. I only seem to be getting stereo. HTPC Setup: GIGABYTE GA-MA785GMT-UD2H motherboard Saphire HD4650 video card I have an HDMI running from the video card to my Onkyo SR607 receiver. And another HDMI running from the receiver to the TV. I...
  12. Trouble with my Sony HT-SS370

    System Setup and Connection
    I just brought a Sony HT-SS370 Home Theater. The receiver has 4 HDMI ports on the back. One in from the DirectTV box Sat Box) , one in from a DVD player, one in from a Blue-Ray DVD and one out to the TV. I would have thought the connections would be pretty straight foward. However, I run the...
  13. Optoma EP719 Power Trouble

    Home Theater Projectors
    The lamp will not even try to power I have put the meter on the terminals and not even 1 volt. I have switched the bulb also. Does anyone have any idea or even a service manual would be great. When I plug it in the power light flashes then when I push the power the power light goes solid and...
  14. The stuff that gets me in trouble

    Home Theater Systems | Equipment
    My gear is by no means very good, nor is it expensive, in fact the most I've spent on one store-bought component is $30. That's because half of it is home-built, and the main amp was a gift. Anyway, here goes: DVD/CD: Cheap rubbish Transonic thing that doesn't even have its model number on the...
  15. Trouble uploading filters to FBQ2496

    REW Forum
    I have everything swithched properly according to all the info ani I hit send filters to eq, it appears to be loading the FBQ. But when its finished the FBQ does not show any filters. Whats up? Thanks, Rick.
  16. having trouble calibrating mobilepre USB

    REW Forum
    I'm attempting to use REW with a mobilepre usb card, my op system is vista 32 bit sp2. As far as I can tell, my laptop recognizes and connects to the sound card. When I follow the instructions for calibration setup, I get a graph a bit similar to the example of a feedback loop. If that is my...
  17. Samsung HLR5667 (wax model) problem, please help me troubleshoot

    I have a Samsung hlr5667 that i got in Dec '05. It was working fine until about a month ago. The screen froze and none of the keys on the remote seemed to be working. I unplugged the tv waited a few mins and plugged it back and it seemed to have worked, except for the fact that everytime I turn...
  18. Mechanical Guy getting into Electronic Trouble

    New Member Introductions
    Hello, I found the site by googling convergence repair. Very impressed with the diverse variety of info on the site....I thought it was only DIY repair support. Once I get my TV fixed/replaced I plan to upgrade the receiver for my theater. I'll check here for advice. If I dont fix it I'll...
  19. d52w23 trouble

    i have a d52w23 model rca tv. it has been giving me a problem where the blue color shifts to the left side. ive been reading abuot other problems and i got info where i could finally look inside it. i got info where i should try to resolder the pins on the HVT. to get under it, i had to remove...
  20. HLR 4667 trouble

    About 2 weeks ago, my tv started to make a horrible noise. After a little research, I found that it was a bad color wheel. I orderd and replaced the wheel (the old one was broken) but then my lamp would not fire up. I then replaced the lamp. Still no luck. Lastly, I just replaced the...