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  1. Video Game Systems | Video Games
    Gran Turismo 6 on PS4 may eventually become Gran Turismo 7 Some thought it a strange choice that Polyphony’s Gran Turismo 6 is a PS3 game instead of a PS4 launch title. However, it looks as though a PS4 version is very much on the cards – it just might end up turning into...
  2. Video Game Systems | Video Games
    Gran Turismo 6 box art unveiled It was announced yesterday that Gran Turismo 6 would be launching on December 6, just in time for Christmas. Now Sony have revealed the game’s box art for both the standard and Anniversary editions. Flick to the bottom to have a look at...
  3. Video Game Systems | Video Games
    Gran Turismo 5′s v1.06 Update Unleashes a Garage of Great Changes 02/20/2011 Written by Jonathan Leack As announced earlier in the week, the first big update for Gran Turismo 5 is now live. Numbered version 1.06, the update includes a garage of new additions and changes to...
1-3 of 47 Results