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  1. automatic turn on - projector

    System Setup and Connection
    I have Apple TV (generation) connected to a Ricoh PJ X2240 projector and I am looking for a solution so the projector automatically turns on when I activate the Apple TV. I did some basic research and didn't find any way to update the HDMI-CEC / infrared settings on the Ricoh PJ X2240. The...
  2. Turn Your Smartphone into a High Performance DAP with OPPO’s New HA-2SE

    Home Theater, Audio and Video News
    OPPO Digital has announced an exciting update to its award-winning HA-2 portable headphone amplifier and DAC. While the new HA-2SE looks practically the same as its elder sibling (featuring an aluminum shell with beveled edges and a stitched leather surround), its guts are vastly improved...
  3. How To Turn off a Asia Market PS3 With A Harmony Elite Remote

    Remotes | Cables | Accessories | Tweaks
    Hi All, First post:wave: I thought this would be useful to people. It took me quite some time to find help on this. I found much of this on the Logitech site and then adapted it to my particular PS3. For my unit, circle is the select/confirmation button which is not the same as the US models...
  4. Kenwood sw-32ht wont turn on.. dead?

    Two Channel Audio
    All - I have an OLD Kenwood Subwoofer, model SW-32HT - it came with a home theater in a box around 2000... Today I noticed that it wont turn on. Power button does nothing. Tried plugging it in to something else - nothing.. Is it dead? Is there anything I should look at? Thanks!
  5. WS-55411 Won't turn on. Code 1-2

    General Service and Technical Information
    My TV started having issues for about a year where it would suddenly turn off. At the beginning you could simply turn it back on and it'd work for awhile. As time went on it got worse and for a while you could leave it for a couple days and come back and it'd work for hours. But about a month...
  6. WS-55411 Won't turn on. Code 1-2

    My TV started having issues for about a year where it would suddenly turn off. At the beginning you could simply turn it back on and it'd work for awhile. As time went on it got worse and for a while you could leave it for a couple days and come back and it'd work for hours. But about a month...
  7. LED projector won't turn on

    Home Theater Projectors
    I just opened a new digital LED projector. Frustratingly, I can't even find out what company makes it. It doesn't say anywhere on the box, the unit, the manual or the remote. But I'm pretty sure this is it...
  8. SPL Meter in REW will not turn on

    REW Forum
    I have the latest version of REW, latest ASIO drivers running windows 7 64bit I am new to REW so just trying to get it working...at least a measurement... I have a Yamaha 3020 amp. I have the DSP UMIK-1 USB Mic with cal file loaded. REW has been configured in preferences and I can access all...
  9. go figure... cannot figure out how to even turn the key to REW on

    REW Forum
    got the umik 1... installed the asio stuff... followed teh directions. can play audio through my speakers from youtube and such but nothing will let me play anything from REW. I'm very smart when it comes to computers but dumb as a brick to software... I"ll figure it out just need to vent...
  10. Screen did not turn out well. Any suggestions?

    DIY Screens
    So I'm into the final phase of getting my room set up and it was time to paint the screen. I primed the wall, then went to add my Sherwin Williams Grey Screen to the wall. Used a better quality roller and 3/16" nap Wooster Super Doo-Z roller. I'm thinking that maybe the paint tray was bend...
  11. Turn - AMC's new series

    Movies | TV Shows | Hollywood
    From IMDB: I watched the premiere and it has me interested.
  12. Can i turn a pair of speakers into bluetooth?

    System Setup and Connection
    I have a pair of outdoor Martin Logan speakers that I will be using on my patio. I do not wish to use a avr or anything but I would like to use my iphone or tablet to stream Bluetooth to them. Is there anyway I can do this?
  13. Samsung HLR5667w Does not turn on

    My Samsung HLR5667w has a brand new lamp, and color wheel, ballast sparks and fans turn but the tv will not turn on, what and how can I check next. I have read in the forums about dmd and digital board items but they were all about bad images and I could not see where anyone had this same...
  14. Turn your laptop into a super IR/X10 remote controller

    Remotes | Cables | Accessories | Tweaks
    I will briefly describe how I turned my Windows laptop/PC into a fully featured remote control that can control any device (TV, DVD, Home Theatre receiver etc.) in my home via Infrared signals. This same Windows laptop/PC solution will also control Home Automation devices that conform to the...
  15. Hitach will not turn on

    I have a hitachi projection color tv model number 51uwx20b. when I turn the tv on it will not turn on untill i unplug the tv for 5 seconds then plug it back in ,I hear a click then the tv will power up. All ok then.Can anyone help. Thanks Ron
  16. WD52525 won't turn on

    My Mitsubishi will not turn on after the flashing light goes off. When I first plug it in it will flash rapidly about 10 times and pause and repeat over and over again for 5 to 10 minutes and then stop. No diagnostic codes are displayed when following the procedure for doing so. I have taken the...
  17. Looking into turn tables

    CD Players | Turntables
    Hey guys, Ive been eyeing turntables for years, but have never bought one. Ive been piecing together my music setup/home theater setup and i have a pretty nice setup, i think. So now i want to add a turn table. My system consist of: Onkyo 808 PSB T65 Towers PSB T65 Center CHT 18.2 subs. Can...
  18. Need Help: Want To Turn Alpine 12” Car Sub Into Home Sub

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    Hey guys! I’m wanting to turn one of my car subs into a home sub just for music and movies. I was wondering what’s the best way to go about this? I don’t have a box for the sub so I guess id have to get one made from someone off of craigslist. What kind of specs should it have or anything...
  19. My turn for "What projector..."

    Home Theater Projectors
    I currently have a 60" Samsung UN60D7000 that looks great, but I'm looking to jump to a 110" screen. (at some point in the near future, not next week) I watch a lot of shows/movies, and game even more. This will not be in a special lightless room, it'll be in the living room with some light from...
  20. With intelligence also comes vulnerability - Samsung SMART TVs left a gaping hole in security allowing hackers to turn on the TV's camera and spy

    Home Theater, Audio and Video News
    A hacker can be in Paris, France on a laptop in a coffee shop watching you watch TV while you are cozy in the comfort of your bed. How would you know? SMART TVs are connected devices, meaning they are connected to the Internet. Being on the Internet, a device is susceptible to hacking, unless...