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  1. Pb10 turn off thumps ?

    I very seldom switch the power off on the the back of the sub ,but when I do turn off one of the two Pb10s the other sub makes an awful powering down sound . The sound is like a subsonic rumble thats slowing to a halt and droping to a deep hz that you cant hear then the sub flutters with an...
  2. workarounds to having equipment that don't auto turn on or have a remote

    AV Home Theater
    since i'm too lazy to turn on each behringer amp ... i'm even too lazy to build some more of the 12v triggers ... I built this:
  3. Huge POP when I turn on the 1124P

    Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    I hooked up the 1124P in anticipation of getting it calibrated with my SVS this weekend. When I turn it on or off, I get a huge loud pop in the subs, checked all the cables, XLR from the processor to the 1124P, then XLR to the subs. Any idea what might be set wrong? Thanks Michael
  4. sub hums if I turn on SPL meter

    REW Forum
    Hi, I'm about to calibrate my SVS PB10. But my sub starts humming if I turn on my spl meter. If I turn the spl meter to 80 db it hums so hard my ears almost pop. :scared: I also have trouble calibrating the soundcard. If I measure and the sweeping sound comes it only measures about -78db fs...
  5. Mitsubishi 42" widescreen will not turn on

    We have a rear projection 42" HD 1080 series Mitsubishi widescreen model number WT-42311. Bought it Dec 2002. Sunday afternoon I was watching tv for approx 30 minutes and everything was fine. I turned the tv off and returned several hours later and went to turn it back on. It will not turn on...