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  1. AudiocRavings: Can't Tell an MP3 from a FLAC? You Might Need A Better Tweeter

    Staff A-V Insights
    AudiocRavings, by Wayne Myers: 2 - Can't Tell an MP3 from a FLAC? You Might Need A Better Tweeter It's Easy - Under The Right Conditions Recently I was at Dennis Young's place - Tesseract - listening to various tunes via Tidal Streaming over his Vapor Audio Sundog (Black) speakers, with their...
  2. how shoud I wire an external tweeter to a PA speaker?

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    I have a PA speaker which is rated at 3ohm 160 RMS. I have it running with a receiver at 3ohm 170 RMS. I would like to add an external tweeter because the speaker itself doesn't sound with clarity. The tweeter I want to add handle 4ohm or 8ohm at 70 RMS. So I was planning on wiring it with a...
  3. how can i wire this tweeter?

    System Setup and Connection
    Hey whats up. I have a samsung Home Theater System 5.1 channel. I really would like to connect a tweeter to one of the front channel which are rated to 167 RMS 3ohms. Could I wire this tweeter in series with on of the front speakers or in parallel? This is the tweeter...
  4. 3-way active speaker - midrange choices with an AMT tweeter

    DIY Speakers
    Hi, I’m planning to build an active 3-way speaker system and would be grateful for your views on choices of a good midrange speaker unit. I know there are really good units by Seas, Scanspeak and of course the famous ATC SM75-150, etc. However, I’ve come across a fairly new midrange unit from...
  5. Tweeter protection for tri-amping

    DIY Audio
    I would like to experiment with tri-amping but leery of running my tweeters naked. Opinions and rationale are all over the map on best approach: DAC>DBX Speaker Manager>Amps(3)>Speakers (Crossover bypassed) 1. Fuse 2. Bulb 3. Capacitor 4. Polyswitch 5. Paralleled zener diodes Obviously sound...
  6. Tweeter Replacement

    DIY Speakers
    So I have some Pro Studio ps412-1 speakers I bought off craiglist and I can't find much about them anywhere online. I've had them for about a year and the tweeter and mids on them just recently have stopped working all together. I'm assuming the drivers failed. I opened them up to see if I...
  7. 3-way loudspeaker system with dipole Heil AMT tweeter

    DIY Speakers
    After a previous build based on vertically stacked planar magnetic speakers, I decided to make a more or less conventional three-way loudspeaker system, keeping the dipole radiation for the highs only. If you're interested, please follow this link: JdM12 Audio Project
  8. Crossover anomolies with Bespoke Aria leaf tweeter

    DIY Audio
    I am trying to figure out what I'm missing and hoped someone could help me CTRL-ALT-DEL my frazzled mind. I bought a pair of Bespoke Aria super tweeters (uses the Monacor RBT-95 drivers) that I planned to cross at about 9KHz. So snapping up a math calculator at...
  9. Old cabinet, new tweeter and woofers?

    DIY Speakers
    Forgive my ignorance - I'm a newbie. I have an old set of bookshelves with real wood cabinets (JBL 2500) from way back when. Would it be practical to take the components of say a Wave Crest Audio HVL-1 and install them in the old cabinets? Or is a speaker designed for a specific cabinet for...
  10. New Tweeter Measurements

    REW Forum
    I borrowed some tweeters from a friend took some measurements, could use some help reading the impulse... The first one is with the old tweeters, the second is position one and the last is the current position.
  11. Using unmatched Mid Driver and Tweeter inside speaker cabinet with working Bass Driver

    System Setup and Connection
    Long story short, Sony SS-MF550H speaker: Non-working Mid Driver and Tweeter are completely busted, cannot be repaired, cannot be replaced with exact part. Rather than throwing the whole thing away, I thought maybe I could find the cheapest Mid Driver and Tweeter I could and put them in...
  12. CSS V series ML-TL with tweeter options

    Creative Sound Solutions
    We are pleased to announce the CSS V series ML-TL speaker kits. With the V series ML-TL there are 2 different tweeter options for those who would like to build the V series ML-TL. The first option is the LD22C tweeter for those wanting to use the NEW soft dome low distortion tweeter from CSS...
  13. My HUGE center channel under construction from RAW Acoustics ~50" wide, 3-way, ribbon tweeter

    Home Audio Speakers
    I am a HUGE Creative Sound Solutions (CSS) fan and when Bob at CSS put their demo line arrays up for sale last fall, I could not resist. I rented a Yukon XL and road tripped to the Canadian border with my wife to pick them up. I've been in love ever since! We picked up the matching rear...
  14. Adjustable mid and tweeter

    REW Forum
    I have a pair of old KossFire speakers given to me that I am using as my front left and right speakers in a 5.1 system. There is an adjustment knob for the midrange and a seperate one for the tweeter. I have the Umik-1 so I figure that before I try to start moving speakers around for my whole...
  15. New RT2 ribbon tweeter $100

    Creative Sound Solutions
    We are pleased to release our latest ribbon tweeter, the RT2 pure ribbon tweeter. This is not a planar or a Heil type but a corrugated woven aluminium honeycomb element which is slightly lower in efficiency but more robust with lower distortion. The spec sheet has dimensional and parameter...
  16. NEW CSS LD22C CSS LD22F tweeter compared to LD25X off axis

    Creative Sound Solutions
    Just finished doing a lot of testing on the LD22C LD22F tweeters and thought some may be interested in a look at them against the LD25X (discontinued) tweeter. More info from CSS will be coming but just had to give a little info These tests were done on a .25cft PE cabinet. :wave:
  17. New Made in Canada 22mm Tweeter Series $70 a Pair

    Creative Sound Solutions
    This new series of 22mm soft dome tweeters are our first "Made in Canada" offerings. They are the tweeters in our new V1, V2 and V3 kits and will also be an option in our new ML-TL in development. Packed in pairs both mounting screws and sealing gaskets are included. The LD22F has a more...
  18. Horn loaded tweeter

    Home Audio Speakers
    What is the difference between a Horn loaded tweeter and a regular tweeter? Is there a sound difference? Is one better than the other? http://www.parts-express.com/pe/showdetl.cfm?partnumber=303-434 Does this style speaker have an advantage over a single woofer...
  19. LD25X tweeter testing matched every driver

    Creative Sound Solutions
    Spent a few days matching all the LD25X tweeters:D Now all the drivers are sold in matched pairs :D
  20. Mid Driver and Tweeter not working but Bass Driver working - how to tell if Caps are bad and what needs to be replaced

    System Setup and Connection
    Sony SS-MF550H speaker. Problem: Which setting do I use and where do I put the Digital Multimeter ends to test if Caps are bad or if tweeter is blown? How do I find out what to replace?