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  1. Onkyo TX-SR606 no picture

    General Service and Technical Information
    Hello everyone, i have had my Onkyo TX-SR606 for just over a year. Recently, there is an issue that has developed. When I turn on the receiver (tv and PVR), there is no picture. I have to turn it on and off several times before it comes on. I also have to switch between game mode to...
  2. Clicking noise from Onkyo TX-SR606

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    Hi All, My Onkyo receiver is hooked to cable TV. Often (not everytime, but very often) during a commercial break, there is a very audible "click" that drops the volume down. But it doesn't happen with every commercial in that 2-3 min break. I heard no such "click" when I hooked up a Denon to...
  3. Onkyo Tx-Sr606 and heat

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    I have an Onkyo Tx-Sr606 and like it. My question is with how to dissipate heat in the enclosure that I have my receiver in. I have moved into a new home an there is a built in area for the TV and a couple of pieces of gear. My 606 barely even fits into the area that is provided so I am...
  4. ht-908 versus tx-sr606

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    Ok Ok I know HTIB is not the way to go but?? Accesories for less has the HT-908 for 499$ comes with Part Number Breakdown TX-SR605 (Receiver) DV-SP405 (DVD Player) HTP-750 (Speaker Package) DS-A1X (iPod Dock) So it comes with a decent receiver DVD player and the onkyo speakers, seems...