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    Hello guys, It looks like I have fell victim to the sound drop out (bad board?) issue that seems to haunt the Onkyo line from years back. I purchased my TX-NR1007 (refurbed) from A4L nearly 3 years ago. It has been used for light duty powering my Monitor Audio BR5’s and 2 Dayton audio 10”...
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    Hey guys, Out of curiousity today I compared the frquency response of my Onkyo TX-NR1007, a INuke DSP 3000, and a Crown XLS-202. It appears the INuke DSP 3000 has a bit of a treble increase over the other two at the highest end of the audible spectrum, but nothing too outlandish. I used an...
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    So I replaced it with a new, but old model Harmon Kardon. I hate to sat this b/c objectively I don't believe it, but my subjective impression is that the HK beats it out in sonic performance. It sound cleaner and more nuanced on everything I've thrown at it. It has a lot less features...
1-3 of 3 Results