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  1. Sealed Subwoofer Build Projects
    Hi There My Dayton um 18-22 is ordered, should be here in 2 weeks :clap: I have designed my sealed box and wanted opinions on the design. It is 22inch wide, 22 inches high and 20inch Depth. With all bracing volume and without driver volume (couldn't find it) it is 4.173 ft3 and 118.161 L...
  2. DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    Hi Im having issues with WinISD, It wont accept the parameters or wdr file. Could someone please calculate the volume and port size on a (Dayton um 18-22 18" Ultimax DVC) with one port at about 19hz for me please. Powered by a Dayton sa1000. Thanks
  3. REW Forum
    I was bidding on a Edirol UM 1EX on ebay but someone outbid me with 10 seconds left. I have found another Edirol unit, the UM 1S, that is slightly cheaper. There is only 1 UM1EX listed and it has 8 days to go, I don't want to wait that long...
1-3 of 3 Results