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  1. REW UMIK 1 and AV Preamp Calibration Setup

    REW Forum
    Hi, I would like to use REW to tune my home theatre system and room acoustics, but i need some help understanding how to setup it up for best results. I have Marantz AV7702 MKII Preamp connected to EMOTIVA XPA5 GEN3 amplifier and focal 5.1 speakers system. i purchased UMIK 1 mic and miniDSP...
  2. new REW user issues with UMIK

    REW Forum
    Hi I'm a pretty new user to REW and I have just received a new UMIK which has been giving me a lot of trouble to get to work. I'm using an iMac and when I first plugged in the UMIK it asks to use it and for the calibration file plus I cleared my old sound card calibration file as I thought i...
  3. ASIO will only recognize Umik or Denon, not both.

    REW Forum
    Everything was going fine, I was going through Jerry's guide step by step. But then ASIO would not recognize both at the same time, my Umik mic and my Denon 1911 receiver. At one time, it showed the AVR and all 8 channels. And at another time it showed my Umik mic. But I just can't, for some...
  4. Time Alignment REW+UMIK & outputting HDMI to Headunit

    REW Forum
    I know this is getting kicked around here lately, but I'm still unclear on how to perform a time alignment with REW/UMIK & outputting HDMI to my cars headunit. I just upgraded to 5.15 & I'm scratching my head here on the correct setup. It appears John has migrated/created some options on the...
  5. REV linux java 8 problem with umik

    REW Forum
    . have following INPUT device error message after REW has started and proposed the identified UMIK-1 mic: System: - ubuntu 15.10 64bit - nuc 5i7ryh with the latest bios - 16G ram - java 8 from ubuntu package center - removed earlier v6 and v7 - 44k or 48k input has same error any idea what...
  6. CSL calibrated umik

    Classifieds - Wanted
    I'm looking for a cross spectrum calibrated umik. If you have one you'd like to sell, drop me a PM. Thanks
  7. ASIO on Windows 10 - UMIK

    REW Forum
    I had everything working fine on Windows 10. I've just recently re-installed windows. Now I get "The sound card did not provide any input data" when I try and activate my UMIK. I can play test tones through HDMI just fine, but obviously without the microphone working it's not very useful. Using...
  8. Testing at MAX for my normal listening level

    REW Forum
    Okay so I’m trying to figure out how loud my system can go at my normal levels. I’m somewhat doing this to see if the subs I what to get can handle my listening habits. The level on my AVR that I listen to the most is -20db. -30db or -25db for “regular music” and -20db or -15db for Classical...
  9. REW and UMIK MIC

    REW Forum
    I've been desperately trying to get REW to work with the umik 1. The problem is when I use asio the channel drop window to calibrate the individual speakers does not appear. I've been into the preference menu and nothing. HELP please. I'm using Windows 10 if that matters. I've stored away such a...
  10. Getting UMIK and HDMI working

    REW Forum
    hey guys i just got my umik-1 mic and i dont have a clue as to what im doing. how do i get the sound to come out of each speaker? right now i can only get L/R.
  11. Setup REW 5.12 today with new Umik 1 and getting an error

    REW Forum
    I went thru the "Getting Started With REW PDF" line by line for HDMI, and when I get to the point to calibrate the SPL meter I get an Asio driver error. Attaching pics to try and help. Dell XPS Laptop Win 8.1 Pro 64 bit 8 gigs ram HDMI from laptop to Marantz Preamp USB to Umik 1 from Cross...
  12. REW, umik-1 1000hz peak in SPL and RTA?

    REW Forum
    Hi i hope you can help me with this, I installed REW and chose the calibration file, everything seems fine, but, when i open the spl meter, it shows a level of 65db. When i open the RTA spectrum analyser, it shows a peak at 1000hz and a minor one at 2000 hz. what causes this, and how do I get...
  13. YPAO vs UMIK?

    SPL Meters | Mic's | Calibration | Sound Cards
    Hello, After reading on this forum, I'm about to buy a UMIK-1 mic to measure and calibrate sound. I want to start building my hometheater room and improve the sound by calibrating my gear and also through accoustic treatment. So the need is to have an initial measurement and then apply...
  14. REW 5.1 with UMIK Mic - First Measurements

    REW Forum
    Room is 22*13 Subwoofers are 4x Sealed SI 18" D2 I have two placed in the front of the room and 2 placed in the rear. The only EQ I am using is on my AVR - XT32 I am getting a weird hump near the crossover (80hz) I had the same problem with only 2 of the subs and an Anthem MRX 300. The...
  15. REW with UMIK on Mac Snow Leopard Help

    REW Forum
    Firstly 'hello' to the forum as this is my first post at HTS - I've been a fairly long-time but sporadic lurker, just now finally getting rolling with REW. I recently purchased a UMIK in preference to Behringer ECM as it seemed it should have more reliable calibration and work well with...
  16. Umik Mic measured 20dbA higher

    SPL Meters | Mic's | Calibration | Sound Cards
    Hi All, Please help. I am using the SPL meter on the REW software together with a Umik-1 mic to measure the sound level but the reading obtained is about 20dbA higher compared to a hand held sound level meter. I am using the REW V5.01 Beta 23 version and I have calibrated the Umik mic and...
  17. Umik Mic and REW - Input Device Error

    REW Forum
    Hi All, I have 2 issues with the Umik Mic . I am a new user to the Umik-1 mic and the REW software. I tried to use the Umik mic to measure the ambient noise level by taking the reading from the REW SPL meter indicator. I have downloaded the mic txt calibration file but the software will...
  18. UMIK - cross spectrum or minidsp?

    SPL Meters | Mic's | Calibration | Sound Cards
    So I'm venturing into a REW & Umik to measure my sub. Is it worth the extra few dollars to buy a UMIK from cross spectrum (as opposed to one from mini dsp)? What are the advantages? Thanks!
  19. Restarting learning curve with REW and an UMIK

    Home Audio Acoustics
    Giving it a go again - learning to use REW, after taking a several month long hiatus from this. The intent is not to test home theatre setups but rather to measure performance of various loudspeaker designs. If this isn't the ideal area of the forum for getting started, please do redirect...
  20. Umik and Livingroom

    REW Forum
    I finally got round to analyzing my living room theater. I have 2 creative sound SDX 10 subs in a 17 x 12 room. I can not move them from where they are so this is it LOL . If someone experienced has a chance perhaps they could comment on the graphs. There are 2 graphs one with Audyssey XT and...