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  1. Unable to measure FL+FR+subs after timing reference update

    REW Forum
    I currently have the latest beta of REW, but ever since the timing reference update, I can't measure 2 channels at once (via HDMI and ASIO). I have not selected use timing reference under preferences and when I select channel 1 and 2 for FL+FR+subs, I get output just from channel 1. The next...
  2. Unable to EQ at ~80Hz

    Audio Processing
    Im trying to lower a 80Hz peak which starts at around ~65Hz and ends at ~90Hz. Im using a Behringer FBQ1000 and Denon AVR-4311 (has MultEQ Pro Kit) and use a Dayton EMM-6 Mic to test at the middle of my couch. No matter how hard i try EQ'ing it down i can't. Also a very large dip at 110Hz only...
  3. Unable to calibrate sound card

    SPL Meters | Mic's | Calibration | Sound Cards
    Hi all I am new to this forum and recently downloaded REW to help measure my studio acoustics. To prepair for the soundcard calibration I connected a balanced 1/4 inch cable from input to output of line 1 in Apollo. I switched the output of Apollo's console to line 1 and started the calibration...
  4. Anybody has a Marantz receiver? Unable to get audio output from various sources

    System Setup and Connection
    How does one choose audio input source from the remote or from the console? All the input sources I tried do not for some unknown reason do not output audio. What am I doing wrong? Any help would be greatly appreciated. http://imgur.com/zWdNKzj is how I've connected my input source(WDTV/ASUS O...
  5. Unable to generate signal with ASIO

    REW Forum
    I can generate a signal by using Java as a driver with REW. But when I switch to ASIO I can't select a sample rate and REW doesn't seem to generate a signal. Also should there be a 12db gain on the UMIK-1? I'm unfortunately still in the stone age with my AVR so the computer is using a realtek...
  6. Unable to get proper mic calibration after reading UMIK Instructions

    REW Forum
    I'm trying to follow the instructions from the miniDSP website "Using the UMIK-1 with HDMI output - Windows" and I think I'm following it correctly but nevertheless am having problems. I've attached screen shots of where I'm at with ASIO4ALL and the sound calibration to 75dB. I've got the...
  7. Unable to do calibration

    REW Forum
    I am unable to set the REV5 calibration signal to show any level in both channels in the calibration window (_screen1). There is very little (-96.x dB) signal coming into L/R channels. The input volume pull down only shows "default" or "java ......". Output pull down shows PreSonus Firebox and...
  8. unable to access the selected device

    REW Forum
    i've come to learn that sometimes REW doesn't like it when i have virtual audio cable setup with windows to run 8 channels. it throws out an error until i put it back to 2 channel. first of all, i am confused because sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. but i question why REW prefers...
  9. Unable to Calibrate Focusrite Saffire Sound Card

    REW Forum
    Hello all! I am running Mac OS X 10.8.3 and just downloaded REW. Unfortunately, I don't have a full grasp of what I am doing yet and just following the help menu, to no avail. I have a Focusrite USB Soundcard (Saffire 6 USB) and the way I set it up is by connecting a 1/4" cable to the line out...
  10. Unable to connect computer through HDMI to Denon-1912 (recent purchase!), any advice?

    General Service and Technical Information
    My computer connects via HDMI to my projector and my two other TVs without any issue at all. However, when I connect it to my receiver nothing happens, my computer does not even indicate that a HDMI connect has been established. The receiver is a refurbished Denon-1912. I've successfully...
  11. unable to get results past 20hz

    REW Forum
    This is somewhat frustrating. Calibrated my xonar HDAV sound card and the calibration appeared to spit out fine as shown below, 1st image. But when I set the cal file to xonar for the sound card and radioshack for the mic I get this dropoff at 17hz, 2nd image. Changing both files to...
  12. unable to select "SPEAKERS" under output device/output

    REW Forum
    Hello all, I'm on windows 7 32bit and using sb x-fi 5.1 pro external usb. Many users on this forum also use this soundcard and has no problem selecting "SPEAKERS" under the output device/output. But I cannot select it for some reason. It is greyed out for me. Hence, I cannot control output...
  13. unable to set input level low enough

    Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    I received my DSP1124 today. I'm attempting to set the input level, but it seems I am unable to set it low enough. I'm using Cloverfield with a Onkyo TX-SR707. I have the main volume set to reference level and I've set the sub trim on the receiver to -15 (as far as it goes) and the red clip...
  14. Lost graphs, unable to view in folder?

    REW Forum
    Using windows vista. Saved 2 graphs this morning because I've made som acoustical panels in my home theater and wanted to see the results using REW. However I saved 2 graphs but now I am unable to view them? I can't even bring them back in REW? Anyone had this problem? /claus
  15. Unable to get sound

    REW Forum
    Hi there, I got my graphs to work on REW using looped connection to test the sound card. But now I want to test the actual room. Thing is, for some reason I'm unable to get sound out of my home theater speakers when I use the "measure" button and switch to speaker test tone. I've probably...
  16. Unable to get DVD video with Outlaw 990

    System Setup and Connection
    Figured I try the shack for possible solutions. I have gotten nothing useful from both Oppo and Outlaw's support yet (it is the weekend, didn't expect much). Even tried the Outlaw forum with some helpful tips but no solution. Here is the problem: I have an Oppo DV981HD and have so far been...
  17. Unable to download REW

    REW Forum
    Hi there I just found out about REW, registered here and tried to download it but everytime I click the download link I get redirected as if I'm not logged in, when I re-log in I get to the same page. Please help, I'm eager to try this out thanks
  18. unable to configure sound card

    REW Forum
    Goid day all for the past 3 hours i have been trying to get rew to work and configure my soundcard but nothing is working. REW is outputting no sound to the card bt it is working cause i can hear windows sounds. my card outpout is pluggued into my AVR tape in and my line in to the SPL my...
  19. Unable to import .txt files into REW.

    REW Forum
    Hi Thomas has just sent me over from the TIB Cult. :D I've tried with and without commas and with and without spaces but I can't import my .txt test tones files into REW any more.:blush: My files worked last week with the REW version from the BFD website. But when it stopped accepting my...