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  1. Undecided about how to add surround back speakers to Pioneer VSX-822-K.

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    As many of you should already know that receiver has 5.1 channels, but has the option to add an external amplifier via surround back RCA outputs and turn it into a 7.1 channel receiver. The thing here is that there's so many options to do it that I'm undecided and was hoping to get some advise...
  2. Newbie DIY undecided between 2 models

    DIY Speakers
    Good morning I am plunging into the world of DIY speakers building and stopped my choice on 2 models 1. Swope HT , professional look speakers, seems to be very good but for a newbie seems to lack a bit of information for building it 2. Aviatrix MLTL and sealed for mains and MT for...
  3. Second Projector/Still Undecided

    Home Theater Projectors
    Since my Infocus (7205) of almost 9 years is out of commission the Mrs. an I are in the market for a new projector. My wife God bless her enjoys the Home Theater atmosphere as much as I do even though I have to concede that her choices are not exactly at times what I would like to watch. It has...
  4. Help! 2 weeks of reading about BW C&S- still undecided

    DIY Screens
    Okay- time to ask the experts for my specific setup. I've been reading aout BW for 2 weeks now and I think it will be good for me, but now I'm a little concerned about brightness. I have a Sharp xv-z12000mkII with about 400 hrs on the bulb. It's rated at 1000 lumens with the iris open, and I...