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  1. Peterman's Unofficial Surround Speaker Evaluation Thread

    Home Audio Speakers
    Long story short - I'm in the market for some relatively inexpensive, low profile, wall-mountable surround speakers to replace the Definitive Technology Studiomonitor 350s I am currently using for all of my surround channels. A little background... I originally chose the Def Techs for their...
  2. Unofficial Bookshelf Evaluation Suggestion Thread

    Home Audio Speakers
    So with the tower speaker evaluation going on I'd like to suggest a Bookshelf evaluation. This is of course unofficial and just to get some chatter started around the topic. Most manufacturers of tower speakers offer a variety of bookshelf options as well. Usually enthusiasts will make room...
  3. HTS "Unofficial" Iron Man 3 Discussion Thread

    Movies | TV Shows | Hollywood
    http://www.citynetevents.com/uploads/events/nguoi_sat_3_iron_man_3__2_.jpg WARNING: PLOT SPOILERS ABOUT THIS FILM -- WHICH OPENED IN U.S. THEATERS THIS PAST FRIDAY MORNING AT 12 AM -- DISCUSSED BELOW; PLEASE DON'T READ IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THIS YET... Okay -- let's get some things out of the...
  4. Unofficial The Change Up review.

    Movies | TV Shows | Hollywood
    I don't normally rate movies, but I rented this for the New Years Eve and wow, was I disappointed. First, I'd like to start with, I don't get offended easily. I watch and enjoy many o crude movies and shows that are actually funny. The Change Up however had just plain crudeness that was not...
  5. Unofficial Review of the Awesome PC13 Ultra Subwoofer

    This “review” is more of an informal gathering of impressions, as opposed to a proper, technical review of the sub’s capabilities. The PC13U pair is replacing dual PC 20-39 PC+ cylinders, which in turn replaced a single 16-46 PCi cylinder (my first real sub.) I am actually among the few that...
  6. Unofficial HD DVD 2.0 firmware surfaces online

    Filed under: News, Programming, Toshiba WARNING: this is not the official Toshiba HD DVD 2.0 firmware and HDBeat is not responsible if you download this file and it messes up your precious HD DVD player. The firmware does appear to work however as a few users over at AVS Forum have reported...