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  1. Power Conditioner / Surge Protector / UPS for 20A Dedicated Line

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    Hey folks, Newbie here, and I know this has been discussed ad nauseam but I have read so many conflicting opinions that I thought I'd ask for your advice anyways. I am setting up my home theater system and have asked the electrician to provide a dedicated 20amp line to where my media rack will...
  2. Battery backup UPS for a new projector

    Home Theater Projectors
    ok guys, I am thinking of getting a UPS for my new JVC-RS46 in case of power outtages (the JVC has a 30 second fan cool down process while my old 8350 turned off immediately)... now I'm no electrician so it's like trying to read greek, I tried to lookup on AVS and the flame wars were ridiculous...
  3. UPS for my AV Equipment

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    Hi, Im in the northwest, and its that time of year again. During the fall and winter months we have wind storms. And as such we have power fluctuations, and outages. I am looking to upgrade my surge protectors to Cyber Power UPS'. However, I am not 100% sure which model I want, nor how much...
  4. Osage's Take On...GROWN UPS 2 (Blu-ray; Sony Pictures)

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    http://pencurifail.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/grown-ups-2-blu-ray-cover-89.jpgReleasing/Participating Studio(s): Sony Pictures Disc/Transfer Information: Region A; 1080p High Definition 1.85::1 (Original Aspect Ratio: 1.85::1); Mastered in 4K Video Codec: MPEG-4 AVC Rating: PG-13 Running...
  5. UPS Store ruins Christmas!!!

    AV Home Theater
    Gifted my older receiver to my brother in-law for Christmas along with a new set of 5.1 speakers I bought him new. The UPS store dropped/smashed the receiver and then to add insult to injury packaged and shipped it to my brother in-law anyway. Not to mention they didn't double box it like I paid...
  6. Balanced Power? Online UPS? Dedicated AC?

    Pro Audio
    I have my home studio in a 50-year-old apartment which has only 2 prong outlets that really drives me nuts ... and it hums or buzzes like crazy too.. I already have an isolation transformer but it does little for me... recordings still sound flat with floppy low end and weak attack, really...
  7. UPS issues

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    I'm asking this in the computer forum because pc's are the usual application for a UPS. I use one in line for power to my projector, and I'm not sure it's working correctly. I'm on an acreage, and even yesterday because of wind the power was flickering and surging, which as you know, will wreak...
  8. Power conditioner/ups ht questions

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    Hi Would anybody care to suggest the way to go with the power conditioner seperate from the UPS as a cheaper alternative to the APC AV BLACKJ TYPE 1.5KVA POWER CONDITIONER W/ BATTERY BACKUP 120V integrated type. These are about $500 w/out shipping and I figure I could just plug a good power...
  9. APC 900W UPS Power Conditioner - Model S15

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    Hey guys, I have the H15 unit now, does not have the battery back up. With this one @ $250, do you think the upgrade is worth it? Tech support at UPS says the H15 is equivalent except for the battery back up, and that the H15 does offer low power support (brown outs?). Don't know how it does...
  10. JPV 2 set ups

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    I have 2 setups one is for 2 channel and the other is a home theater. 1) 2 channel: I have a dedicated listening room (the Man cave) just for listening to my stereo. It's upstair in a 13.5 x 16.5 x 10 room. I have it treated with bass traps, first reflections, diffusion on the rear wall. etc...
  11. UPS tries to destroy the precious...but they failsiss

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    So I ordered a sub a few days ago and have been waiting patiently for it. I've already got 3 other sub projects on the back burner but I just couldn't help myself with this one. It was too good of a deal to pass up. Anyway I get home to find my sub had arrived. Everything looked fine on the...
  12. Is it okay to use a UPS for my home theater?

    AV Home Theater
    I bought a new Tripplite Battery backup to help protect my critical components from suffering brownouts and add some surge protection. It has a Voltage Regulator which should keep the voltage stable. I plugged my PVR into it. It's rated 500W so I decided to plug my LCD TV into it to help protect...
  13. UPS before or after Power Conditioner

    System Setup and Connection
    I lucked into a deal where I work and got a good quality APC UPS (SU1400RMNET). They were upgrading and it's batteries were dead so they pretty much gave it to me. A local surplus store has replacement batteries for $15 each and I'll need 4 of them. I also have a Belkin PF31 power...
  14. Resurrecting a UPS?

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    Several months ago I acquired an APC UPS that hasn’t been used in some time, so naturally the batteries are dead. Is it possible to replace the batteries? If so, where can I get them? Regards, Wayne