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    Hello, I know Harmony Remotes have a help button if something goes wrong. But someone told be URC Remotes are Full Proof. This for a Condo with Renters. So they are looking for a Full Proof Remote that does not make mistakes. I find that hard to believe right or am i wrong ?
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    I'm hoping we have some experienced URC users or installers here that can help me out. I inherited a URC MX-5000 remote from a friend who was no longer using it, along with the CCP software and an MRF-350 RF receiver. I have it set up and working well using RF mode in my HT. If I understand...
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    Hey everybody, I was wondering if anybody might have any insight to my plaguing software download issue. The software is no longer available online so I don't know where one might go to acquire it. It seems a little ridiculous that the company will not even provide the software any longer...
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    I am a home theater DIY'er and enjoy learning and tailoring my setup. I like to add things when time and money permit. ( the to rarely coincide. Lol). I currently have a URC MX-3000 with an MRF-350 base station and an RF-250 antenna. I learned to program the system via the URC MX-3000 Editor...
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    I was recently trying to decide on a way to setup my living room system... I almost went with CONTROL4 because I want to control my HVAC and their thermostat is really easy to install...but then I caught myself thinking " yeah then I can add CCTC cameras , dimmers and on and on and in the end it...
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    URC RFS200 Remote Control and RF Base SOLD SOLD SOLD Sold Sold Sold I have an unused but open packaged URC RFS200 remote control for sale. Its in brand new condition. I only opened it to see if it would fit my needs, but unfortunately its not going to work for me. I am looking to get $70...
1-7 of 8 Results