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usb dac
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  1. Unofficial Equipment Reviews (Non HTS Reviewers)
    Red Wine Audio's New Battery Powered Stereo Preamp Mini-Review[/B] Audiophile up-and-comer, Red Wine Audio, just unveiled the Isabellina HPA integrated Headphone Amplifier and Digital-to-Analog Converter -- combining their highly-acclaimed Isabellina DAC with the headphone stage originally...
  2. Unofficial Equipment Reviews (Non HTS Reviewers)
    EMM Labs TSD1 CD Transport and DAC2 While vinyl keeps popping up in the audiophile news, compact disc is the most common way audio enthusiasts are enjoying music today. When it comes to digital audio, few names command as much respect as EMM Labs and their designer Ed Meitner. The subject of...
1-2 of 2 Results