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  1. home theatre recommendations budget around USD 2000

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    Hi All, I am a new member from Malawi. Not a very large and we'll known African country. Don't have much in the form of electronics etc available, closest source is South Africa. I have a sizeable lounge approx 11m x 6m, im looking at installing a good home theater system. I have checked with...
  2. LGs OLED-TV available in USA in March for 12000 USD

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    Source: FlatPanelsHD
  3. Newbie Question: Please help me set up my HT using USD audio Waveguides A-700

    DIY Speakers
    Hello All! First off, I'd like to commend this forum and members for the abundance of quality knowledge! So here's my project/dilemma. I have a pair of USD audio waveguides A-700 that I had in my car (got broken into and all of my components were stolen...luckily the bastards didn't see the...