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  1. Warning: More than x% of values are above target curve

    REW Forum
    When working in the EQ window and creating filters I am often getting a warning from REW - something like "Warning: More than 77% of the measured values are above the target curve". What's confusing me is that REW is recommending that when I tell it to match response to target. So if that is a...
  2. Question about correction values.

    SPL Meters | Mic's | Calibration | Sound Cards
    When the correction value for the 33-4050 Radio Shack SL meter is say minus 0.93, do you subtract this number from, or add this number to the raw spl reading? Thanks. Zarka.
  3. Confused about RT30/RT60 Values

    REW Forum
    Hello, Fairly new to REW. I've made some impulse response measurements and imported them into REW. Am I right in assuming that REW is giving me just the RT30 value and if the r value is close to -1 then I can just extrapolate to get the RT60 value. In this case assuming the line is straight...
  4. Best SACD player values?

    CD-BD-DVD Music | Vinyl Records
    I am wanting to explore the world of high resolution audio but on a budget. I am looking for good player values like older Pioneer Elite DVD players (DV-59AV) and Sony ES models (SCD-XA777ES). Any specific models I should check out? Heavier models with copper plated chassis don't hurt from a...
  5. How to Set the Peak Limiter values on a Behringer 6000DSP

    Subwoofer Amps | High Pass Filters
    I use a Behringer iNuke 6000DSP to drive my DIY-sub. (one channel) How should I determine the values for the limiter? (Hold and Release) I also would like to determine the Vp (peak Voltage) The limiter is set at 128V for this driver (Monacor 18") The Behringer software says this is 1000W at 8Ω...
  6. I put the values in Winisd pro. Now what?

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    I downloaded one of the .wdr files. Loaded it up. I'm hoping someone can tell me how this tells me what to put in the sonotube cylinder calculator so I know what to build. It says the volume is 150.32. Freq. 23.31. It is the Dayton QT385-4 Thanks for *any* help.
  7. Paint RGB Values

    DIY Screens
    Hello everyone- This is my first post but I have been lurking for a long time. Your dedication to the DIY screen and factual data is very impressive. (Yes, I have seen the junk on another site) Anyway, I stumbled upon a site that might be helpful with your DIY quest. It has various...
  8. Vas values for MB Quart speakers?

    DIY Speakers
    I was given a nice pair of MB Quart PCK-116 speakers, complete with crossovers. They are 4 Ohm sets with fancy crossovers and positionable coaxial tweeters. These were designed for in-door auto applications. They lack punch and sound mushy just suspended in air. MB Quart does not publish...
  9. REW and SPL compensation values

    REW Forum
    Where in the setup process do I account for the innacuracies of my SPL meter (newer analog Radio Shack)? Do I load in the values somewhere? It is probably right there, but I am not seeing it.
  10. Convergence resistor values for Hitachi 53uwx10B

    Bought the Hitachi 53uwx10B to keep me company while recovering from a broken leg back in 2001. One year later(one month out of wty) the convergence took a dump. I Found and fixed a cold solder joint and it worked fine up until this years Super Bowl Sunday 2 hours before the game!(I'm not...
  11. Hitachi 57F500A -Resistor #'s and Ohm Values

    I'm looking at replacing the IC chips, again, on a Hitachi 57F500A. It originally came with IC chip # STK392-150. I bought a new set of Sanyo STK-394-160's and installed them. The TV was having convergence problems but I was getting Video and Sound. After replacing the old IC's with the new...
  12. Confusion W/ RS Correction Values

    Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    I can swear there was conflicting :hissyfit: values pertaining to the digital meter used as a microphone from peoples posts and various excel programs. I now have various excel programs i.e. snapbugs, HTS etc etc. that have different values which give me different curves. What is the new...
  13. Which Correction values to use for RS model 33-4050?

    SPL Meters | Mic's | Calibration | Sound Cards
    I noticed that the downloadable .cal file for this model is different from the correction values presented in a previous post (post was called "SPL Meter Correction Tables"). In the post I'm referring to, Sonnie Parker did some extensive comparisons between the old analog RS meter (33-2050)...
  14. Converting 12db slope to BW Oct values I need for BFD

    REW Forum
    Gallo Acoustics gave me the EQ curve used in their SA amplifier(used to drive the Ref IIIs second voice coil) The center frequency is 28htz with 12db slopes. The amp has adjustable gain for the EQ, -3 to +6 db How can I convert the 12db slope to a value for BW settings in my BDF 1124 I am...
  15. Data (correction values) beyond 100Hz?

    REW Forum
    Re: Radio Shack SPL Meter Correction Values (All new *.cal files are published!)... Is there any data (correction values) beyond 100Hz? Like up to 20KHz? I just bought an FBQ2496 for my sub and thought I'd use the unused half for my center channel speaker. I hate to waste half of a perfectly...
  16. RS digital correction values above 160 hz?

    REW Forum
    Hello I'm new to this forum and REW but not new to digital audio.... I came here originally for rs digital meter correction values; the ones I saw on the download page only go up to about 160 hz or so.... are their files, values for correction values in the 200-20khz range for the rs digital...
  17. Radio Shack SPL Meter Correction Values (All new *.cal files are published!)...

    SPL Meters | Mic's | Calibration | Sound Cards
    As promised I am calibrating 2 ananlog and 2 digital RS SPL meters. This by no means a professional calibration but it will be better than nothing at all and give us some clues as to what we need do with correction values. These will be calibrated against my professionally calibrated Behringer...
  18. Interesting info on RS SPL Meter and correction values...

    REW Forum
    I got to searching around a little deeper on the Radio Shack correction values and ran across a few pieces of interesting info. I wonder if this guy was the first to offer up the original correction values: Some of you may have seen this mod info before, but for those who have not... here is...