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  1. The Lady in the Van arrives on Blu-ray, DVD & Digital HD April 19

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  2. History of the White Van speaker scam

    Chat Box SWAMP
    Article from Digital Trends "The long and storied history of the white van speaker scam" May be a useful reference to educate non-audio savvy friends and family. The list of the "company names" (using that term in its loosest possible form) clumsily intended to deceive their target sheep was...
  3. Van Alstine ABX Switch for Two Systems

    System Setup and Connection
    Frank Van Alstine has finally released (or taking orders for builds) his second revision of the ABX Switch box, which is suppose to be the king daddy of ABX switching. It sure looks promising. We have looked at one for doing some AB testing between various pieces of equipment. I figured while...
  4. Seeking advice with Emotiva pre-amp, Emotiva amp, white van speakers and bass performance

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    I've been running some white van loudspeakers (DigitalAudio Cinema Series II) since around 2002. They're rated at 400 watts @ 8ohms, and 90db. I believe the ratings are per-speaker, as it's what is stated on each casing. I am trying to replicate the sound & bass quality I previously achieved...
  5. Salk Sound / Audio by Van Alstine

    Rocky Mountain Audio Fest (RMAF) '13 Show Coverage
    Salk Sound / Audio by Van Alstine - Room 1107 Unfortunately, I was not able to get a system equipment list. Joe's Impressions For those that have followed along with my show reports throughout the past year, I have heard and talked about the Salk speakers a number of times. Salk...
  6. white van

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    I just came back from a shopping complex and would you know it on the way to my car a guy drives up in a white van telling me he has a lot of home theater packages (speakers, etc.) that they ordered too many of and if I was interested, he would sell them to me for a good deal. I asked him if it...
  7. White Van Scams...

    Home Audio Speakers
    I am an avid Craigslist shopper. I have my city and several major surrounding cities on my instant search. It seems like every day, or every other day, I see an ad for these scam speakers. People post them claiming that the MSRP is like $2,000 but you can get them for an easy $500. Seriously...
  8. Van Halen / David Lee Roth - First Tour in More Than 22 Years

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    From the official Van Halen web site: