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  1. Hello from Vancouver!

    New Member Introductions
    I've been searching for a good forum to join and this one takes the cake! Love the format and all the great advice/comments. I hope to learn and share my experiences with you all. I have quite a few years of experience in car and home audio retail and installations. My primary background is 12...
  2. Attending 10th Annual Vancouver Island diyFEST 2013

    Creative Sound Solutions
    Hi, Looking forward to this event again this year and will be bringing freebies, deals and prototypes. If you need anything and will be there please let me know and I'll try and bring things along. Bob
  3. Hello from Vancouver

    New Member Introductions
    Hello everyone, I have been reading some of the threads the last few days and decided to register today as I will be needing some advice shortly as I will be building a new home this spring with a dedicated Home theater/media room. Some interesting and clever ideas on this forum. Looking...
  4. Hellow from Vancouver

    New Member Introductions
    Hi everyone I am new to this forum. Having built up my sound system for more than 10 years but still don't know how to set it up to the best performance in a small room. Hope to have advice from experts in this forum. Thanks Gardenpeter
  5. Hello from Vancouver, British Columbia

    New Member Introductions
    After registering over a year ago, I think I'm long overdue to at least say hello! Having lurked here for quite some time, I know there are a ton of knowledgeable people here, and I look forward to learning and hopefully laughing as we all travel together on this audio journey that will only...
  6. Newbie from Vancouver,BC

    New Member Introductions
    Hello Everyone, I am a newbie to this site but not a complete newbie to the industry. I am a proud Martin Logan Purity owner, Classe pre/pro, various sources... Blah blah. I am considering changing my old Classe SSP-30 to a new Arcam FMJ AVR-360 (same preamp stage as the AVR-400). I am...
  7. AV store Vancouver BC

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    Hi Looking to get some advice and buy speaker wire and in ceilings from a store in Vancouver, can anyone recommend a store for HT gear? Thanks Scott
  8. Greetings from Vancouver, WA

    New Member Introductions
    Hello Everyone. Mostly into Home Theater. I'm interested in learning to use REW and my Behringer DSP1124P to EQ my subs. Anyone in the Portland/Vancouver area who has experience with this software? Any assistence would be welcome! Thanks Randy
  9. HELLO From Vancouver Canada!

    New Member Introductions
    Hello everyone, I'm Sunny from Vancouver Canada...Yes its below freezing and snowing today!!.. Perfect weather to kick back and watch a few movies in your cinema!- I'm 90% completed my home cinema and stumbled upon this amazing forum that I wish I found a year ago when we started! I took my...
  10. Pixar to open Vancouver Canada studio

    Movies | TV Shows | Hollywood
    Pixar to open new animation studio in Vancouver Canada by the Fall of 2009. Details located here. Would be a nice job to have (if only I lived in the Vancouver area). "Pixar Animation, one of the world’s leading computer animators and a multi-Academy Award winning studio, will build a...
  11. Hello from Vancouver, BC

    New Member Introductions
    Hello, Now, I will have to wait until I hear back from my layer to be sure (who I had to send the forum rules to to so he could evaluate my posts in the future), but hopefully nothing bad will happen if I just say hi :) [/joke] I'm a DIY guy: I make stuff that, apparently, should be bought...
  12. Hello from Vancouver, WA

    New Member Introductions
    Hello everyone, I have recently completed my home theater and I'm now making adjustments with rew. (very cool!) My family and friends think it looks and sounds great, but I think I can squeeze a little more out of this system and this looks like a great place to give and get ideas. My current...
  13. New member from Vancouver

    New Member Introductions
    Hello everyone! I just registered with HTS yesterday. I've had an interest in home theatre since the mid 80's. I actually purchased my first projector a Sony Vidi Magic back in 1986 if memory serves me right and my interest in good audio goes way back to the early 1970's. I guess that makes...
  14. hello from the other Vancouver

    New Member Introductions
    Usually if asked where I am from I start with "the North West", then "near Portland OR". Many times if I start with Vancouver folks assume Vancouver BC, and say OH that’s a beautiful place. It is a beautiful place but about 400 miles south of Vancouver BC. In working on sound and HT...