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  1. Cerwin Vega DX-3

    General Service and Technical Information
    Hello, anyone out there? :wave: Google search brought me here and I signed up because I am extremely frustrated. A few years ago I re-foamed my Cerwin Vega DX-3 floor-standing loudspeakers. I did not remove the dust caps and I think I followed the instructions to a T. After the repair was done...
  2. cerwin vega ht-s10??

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    Hi. I would like some opinions on this sub. I am going to meet up with this guy selling it on FB locally. He said it was purchased form CV. He states it is an awesome sub and that the bass is unreal. He is selling it to me for $70. I will be hooking it up to my Onkyo 7.2 surround tomorrow and...
  3. Cerwing Vega PSW 15 D Specifications needed

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    Hello, as a first build, I would like to put together a subwoofer. I came accross 2 good looking CV subs, but cannot find any information about them needed to calculate the box size. Do you guys have any idea where I can find this? I tried asking it to Cerwin directly, but no response. Google...
  4. Cerwin Vega driver upgrade

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    I am currently running a Cerwin Vega CLS-15s subwoofer. I really have no complaints with the subwoofer aside from the gawdy surround and dustcap. I recently switched my main speakers to a pair of JBL LSR305 studio monitors and the sound is amazing. I found JBL GTO1514 car audio subwoofer being...
  5. Cerwin Vega speakers.

    Pro Audio
    Does anyone use the Cerwin vega speakers for HT and if so what do you think. I was looking at these and they look pretty good. I think they would be a decent match for my Chase speakers that I would use for surrounds. I have not decided yet but I might do something like this in a year or so...
  6. Looking for advice on some Cerwin Vegas

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    I filed an insurance claim and I've got a grand to blow on some speakers. I'm looking at both the cmx-212 and the xls-215. I have the old D-9s now and an xls-15 woofer. I do a lot of movies and would love the accuracy and clarity of the cmx series but I would love the pounding bass of 4 15s in...
  7. Cerwin vega or Dali surround system

    Home Audio Speakers
    After doing countless hours of research Iv'e finally narrowed my speaker choices down to two different brands, Iv'e already chosen the surround receiver which will be an NAD T757V2 the first speaker system I have looke at is a Dali lektor system which consists of 2 x Dali lektor 6 speakers as...
  8. REuse of Cerwin Vega XS-12S

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    I have modeled with WinISD the speaker and it does not look too good. Because I want to put it outside, I want a sealed design. Volume is .719 cubic feet Fc is 33hz for a QTC of .702 When I looked at the response, it is already 3 db down at 100hz, it does not look like those speaker are good...
  9. Cerwin vega shame on you

    Home Audio Speakers
    Hey guys, ...When you think of cerwin vega of the 90's, what comes to mind. How about loud in your face bass? High spl?You know d9's, se-380's and another great one, the at-15 right? Wrong. The at-15 has one major flaw. Weak circuit breakers for the tweeter protection that kick in pre-maturly...
  10. cerwin vega

    Audio Processing
    I need a passive crossover for my CV VIS153. Where can I purchase it? Thank you.
  11. cerwin vega clsc-15s

    Audio Processing
    re above; is it 'best' to utilize the LFE input which i can 'shape' thru an eq or behringer 2024??.............. this would by-pass xovr allowing expanded range [increased > 150 Hz cut-off] there will be 4 in a small room, [appx 15'w x10'd, any advise on phasing......... thx agn!
  12. cerwin vega 189se driver

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    i was given a pair of cerwin vega sl-36 bins from a friend that bought an old nightclub. they are big and old and need an insane amount of power to move them in the current cabinets. When properly powered they just about took the windows out of my living room, i tried them on a yorkville...
  13. Thoughts on Cerwin Vega gear ... ?

    Home Audio Speakers
    I use to own some CW stuff when I was just a young fello .... and well they always seemed to be very powerfull in sound and I never had any problems with them ... so ... The new XLS series ... anyone here use them here? Like them? My system will be mostly based for loud music and that "WoW"...
  14. Cerwin Vega M-100 Midrange/Tweeter replacements

    DIY Speakers
    I've got a set of cerwin vega m-100 towers and the mids/tweeters are starting to get a little old. these towers have always had relatively poor midrange, and i'd like to see what i can do to fix em up. I guess the requirement for the mids would be a sealed back driver so that i don't have to do...
  15. Cerwin Vega AT-40

    Home Audio Speakers
    Thanks in advance to everyone who can share with me technical/resale info for the pair of Cerwin Vega AT-40s I have (Google produced no results). I bought them back in '92, they're in great condition and they sound fantastic - but I am looking for any useful info so I can place them for sale.
  16. Cerwin Vega VMAX15.2 Enclosure Help

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    Hello - I am brand new to this forum but have tinkering with Home and Car Audio for the last 15 years. I decided to take the plunge and build my own Home Theater subwoofer cabinet because the subs in my price range were pretty poor quality. The models I really liked were far too expensive...
  17. Cerwin Vega DX-3

    Home Audio Speakers
    I have some Cerwin Vega Dx-3's. on the back of the speaker it says: Power Handle: 125 watt impeadance 8 ohms Freq. responce 37hz-18khz I'm powering them with a pioneer VSX-D711. I would like to know where I could find information on these speakers, like the type of drivers, mids & tweeters...
  18. Denon and Cerwin Vega

    AV Home Theater
    There is a package for sale around me for $600, which I think I can get for about $500. I was wondering if people here think this is worth it, or am I buying junk? I do like my music loud at times, but I would also like this system to serve the dual purpose of home theater. So here are the...
  19. Cerwin Vega EL-36 "EARTHQUAKE" First impression

    Home Audio Subwoofers
    Bottom line up font the name says it all. Cerwin Vega EL-36 "EARTHQUAKE While I am waiting for my BFD I can't hold off but post now my initial impression, let me digress. My situation: I wanted a subwoofer that can match to my Klipsch LaScala's already powerful offering with out spending over...
  20. Cerwin Vega CLS215

    Home Audio Speakers
    Do any of you members own a pair of these or have had the oppurtunity to hear them. http://www.a1components.com/itemdisplayn.aspx?item=11918&OVRAW=CERWIN%20VEGA%20CLS215&OVKEY=cerwin%20vega%20cls215&OVMTC=standard&OVADID=15043072522&OVKWID=86954916522 I would think with the correct amp these...