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  1. Latest Versions of Cables and best possible connections

    System Setup and Connection
    Hi Team, I would say that I'm semi tech savvy, however I'm losing touch with cables, espically cable versions. So, equipment: LG 55EC930T (55" Full HD Curved OLED) Pioneer VSX-324 Speakers (Standard: packaged with the receiver) PS3 (Blu-Ray Playback) Standard setup. PS3 > Receiver > TV At...
  2. Nudges for future versions

    REW Forum
    Dear John, you're incredible with your attention to detail in REW, and it shows. It's a true labor of love and my mind is blown. The help section is in itself a wonderful tutorial on the process of room analysis. I started a thread long ago but am too lazy to find it so I'm creating a new one...
  3. Two versions of a LM3886 chip amp

    DIY Audio
    Here I went with the higher power LM3886 chip from National Semiconductor.
  4. BFD Versions: FBQ1000 vs FBQ2496

    Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    I have a MFW-15 in my small media room that I am finally getting around to EQ'ing as my Turbo Kit is on its way. I have been using Audyssey exclusively to tame the resonances up to this point. My buddy has a SMS-1 that he is going to let me borrow and I’m going to purchase a Feedback Destroyer...
  5. UK vs US versions Blu Ray

    Movies | TV Shows | Hollywood
    I'm looking to get the Bourne Trilogy on Blu Ray, but not wanting to spend 60+ dollars for it. I found the UK version for only 40 shipped. But is there a difference between it and the US version? I actually like the UK artwork better, but that's just me. But I've read it will play on US blu ray...
  6. Different versions different readings???

    REW Forum
    Well in my futile attempt to get REW working on my mac, I tried switching to the old version for a while. I was a bit surprised though as the measurments were different in 4.0 than in 5.0. I tried to capture some jpegs to show this but was unable to successfully launch either version. Anybody...
  7. HDMI versions and Lossless codecs

    Movies | TV Shows | Hollywood
    Hi, quick question. Here's what I believe, please correct if I'm wrong. ---- At least HDMI version 1.1 or greater is required to pass uncompressed PCM translated TrueHD or DTS-HD audio from player to receiver. ---- That means if you have a next gen disc player and receiver w/ HDMI 1.1 or...
  8. Favourite cover versions

    CD-BD-DVD Music | Vinyl Records
    As the title suggests list your favourite covers BUT you have to prefer the cover to the original. I am generally not a big fan of cover versions as IMO the original artist knows best how a song should sound and feel, very rarely does a cover give something new to a song, though there are...