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  1. MTM Design Using Old Vifa drivers

    DIY Speakers
    I have a pair of old Audio Concepts Encore II dipole speakers I used to use for home theater surrounds. I am thinking of using the drivers to build a pair of MTM style speakers using the Vifa P11WG-00-08 woofers and Vifa D20TD-05-06 tweeters. I could use the crossovers from the dipoles with...
  2. SOLD: Lot of 5 NEW Madisound Vifa Recession Buster Kits - $165

    Classifieds - Speakers and Subwoofers
    Buyer pays actual shipping... Brand new, never used the famous circa 2009 Madisound Vifa recession buster kits. This is a lot of 5 kits (5 woofers, 5 tweeters, 5 xovers) perfect for a surround setup. Brand new, never used, still in the original box from Madisound. Woofer - 5 1/2" Polymer Frame...
  3. Sa 950 speakers

    Home Audio Speakers
    Anyone know anything about System Audio (SA) 950 speakers? Heard its a European speaker out of Denmark. built with "Vifa" drivers.
  4. Crossover help, Vifa / Silver Flute

    DIY Speakers
    I am intending to build up 4 speakers using the following drivers in each cabinet. They are going to be used for HT and Music 50/50. I don't have a lot knowledge about crossover design but I do have quite a lot of experience with soldering electronic components. Any of the technical guidance...
  5. Levitation TM Fountek FW168/ Vifa BC25SG15

    DIY Speakers
    Posting this up here for the folks that don't get over to PE's boards To test how the FW168 would sound with a different tweeter than the SB29RDCN I decided to combine it with a dome tweeter for the surrounds I built for my HT setup. My list price target was to keep the driver cost to below...
  6. peerless nomex + vifa xt25 any ideas.

    DIY Speakers
    I have never built speakers before, and my mom wants speakers for her birthday present. I will try bookshelf speakers first, but may attempt a tower if the bookshelf goes well. The peerless nomex and vifa xt25 seem to be a decent match, but I haven't seen a lot of builds with this combination...
  7. Vifa MTM

    DIY Speakers
    I've got 4 spares of the Vifa woofers in my current fronts. The plan is to put 3 of them to use in an MTM version of the speaker. The drivers already work well with the tweeter so now I'll be upgrading the boxes, and crossover. I'll confess I've never been big on passive crossovers, but I...
  8. Vifa TC9FD speaker build

    DIY Speakers
    I just bought 2 pairs of the Vifa TC9FD-05-16 3.5" Full Range Speakers (Buyout price of $8). I plan on putting them in a small sealed enclosure and using them for my computer speakers paired with an 8" sub I have. I was looking for some advice on enclosure dimensions. I not sure how to approach...
  9. Vifa D27 TG 05-06 or Dayton DC 28F-8

    DIY Speakers
    I am debating which of these tweets to buy. the Dayton is marginally cheaper. Has anyone used both or can compare them. I plan to cross them at 4K using 2nd order xo (85 w per channel system) http://www.partsexpress.com/pe/showdetl.cfm?Partnumber=275-070&vReviewShow=1&vReviewRand=8183520 Or...
  10. Vifa tweeter help

    DIY Speakers
    I have an older pair of Snell KIIV speakers that have a Vifa D26TG-05 tweeter. One of them is blown. I have found on ebay and the seller just happens to live in my town that has a pair of Vifa D27TG-05 for sale and both the 26's and 27's are 6 ohm. My question is from you more experienced...
  11. Vifa repair question

    General Service and Technical Information
    Hi Icaillo, new member and fellow Gator fan. I have a client with a Vifa VS6X in need of repair. Tried Vifa's home link with no success. Any suggestions?
  12. Vifa

    Manufacturers & Vendors Reference Info Forum
    Vifa International A/S Islevdalvej 137 2610 Roedovre DENMARK Tel.: +45 58188870 Fax: +45 58188878 www.vifa.dk [email protected]