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  1. Static in vintage speakers??

    Home Audio Speakers
    How can I fix this and what usually causes it? One of my RTR ev9 occasionally makes a static noise.:dumbcrazy:?? help
  2. Help ID vintage speakers

    Home Audio Speakers
    I inherited these speakers. My recollection is that I was told they were purchased in the 1950s (probably in Charlotte, NC). They are 34" tall, 24" wide, and 18" deep. They are too big even for me (I am not a practical person). Whatever label they ever had is long gone. I don't have any...
  3. Vintage computers, game consoles / Collectors?

    Computers | HTPC | Media Servers
    So do any members here still use old gaming consoles or other old computer systems just for fun? I was first hooked way back in the early 80s when the Apple II came out. My brothers and I convinced my dad to buy one with two floppy drives, monitor dot matrix printer and joystick. We payed a...
  4. Vintage Rotel - power on speaker pop!

    Two Channel Audio
    I have been ignoring this for awhile, just writing it off to my use of a vintage Rotel unit to power my desktop system (Mac Mini => optical out => Audioengine D1 => Rotel RV - 555 => high level out => Pinnacle Subsonic => PSB Image B4). When I turn on the Rotel, I get this hum/crackle that many...
  5. I'm not Old, just Vintage

    New Member Introductions
    I'm a 52 year old enthusiast that lives in Seattle. I have been out of the HT loop for, oh, fifteen years or so. People might get a kick out of my vintage set up. I was a pioneer of the absurd. In 1986-88, I built an early home theater designed to mimic the sound quality of an IMAX or giant...
  6. 2 Channel for vintage amp

    Home Audio Speakers
    I'm relatively new to this site and have appreciated everyone's support and input. Working from home I listen to vinyl mostly. My integrated amp is a Kenwood KA-601 with 60 RMS / channel at 8 ohms. I've decided to add the Riga RP1 TT. Because of space and floor layout I prefer bookshelf...
  7. Hornresp and Vintage EV Eliminator Modeling

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    Dear all, I'm new to horn modeling, but have two old eliminator 2 wbin cabs. It is apparent to me how to model single driver, single path horns, but how does one model wbin cabs where the throat of the horn immediately diverges into two separate paths that eventually terminate as (almost) one...
  8. Chance to buy Vintage Carver M-500 for $75?

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    This is out my wheel house. Just know that it is 2 Channel 200 watts per channel amp. Could it be used for HT? Need a little feed back if this is worth it. Don't know much about this amp. Thanks.
  9. Fraser Valley Vintage Audio Fair

    GTG, Clubs, Associations and Audio Fests
    Hi Folks! First I would like to thank Bob with Creative Sound Solutions for telling me about this forum and inviting me to post our event here. There will be an audio fair and swap meet at the Cultus Lake Community Hall, 4220 Columbia Valley Highway, Cultus Lake, BC on Sunday, September 29th...
  10. Setting up vintage audio components

    Computers | HTPC | Media Servers
    I finally finished my theater room and now I need to connect my vintage Onkyo 540 amp and my Klipsch horns. My home has a hard wired network as well as numerous wireless routers. Part of my network has a free standing network hard drive that contains thousands of songs and some video. Playing...
  11. Setting up vintage audio components

    System Setup and Connection
    I finally finished my theater room and now I need to connect my vintage Onkyo 540 amp and my Klipsch horns. My home has a hard wired network as well as numerous wireless routers. Part of my network has a free standing network hard drive that contains thousands of songs and some video. Playing...
  12. Vintage Receiver + Subwoofer/Center problem

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    Hi all, I've seen a lot of topics about hooking up subs to receivers with no dedicated sub out, but I've never managed to find a solution to my specific scenario. I have an old Pioneer VSX-9300, which has only a single unpowered MONO center out, but two pairs of fronts (so A and B LRs) and a...
  13. Vintage Marantz receiver on eBay: $12,000

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    Just spit my coffee all over my screen: http://www.ebay.com/itm/MARANTZ-MINT-2600-AM-FM-STEREO-RECEIVER-CABINET-DLB-1-FULLY-RESTORED-/280817723526?pt=Vintage_Electronics_R2&hash=item41620a6886 Is this in any way worth it? Jim
  14. Vintage Pionner Spec 1 & 2

    Dose anyone know of a very good tec that can work on a vintage Pioneer spec 1 and 2 in the south Florida area. Thank you in advance
  15. Vintage Studiolab restoration

    Home Audio Speakers
    I recently got these Studiolab speakers for free from my mom's friend, they have 2 10" woofers, 2 1" dome tweeters and some simple switchable crossovers. As you can see the surrounds are fairly rotted and there is some cosmetic damage to the cabinet that isnt visible in the picture. I found...
  16. My vintage center channel speaker

    Home Audio Speakers
    I just picked up a single Heathkit SS-1 speaker for $20, made in the mid '50s when everything was mono. It uses a Jensen 103/106 horn and Jensen 8" woofer. It sounds pretty amazing and crystal clear. I opened it and tested the single cap which has drifted as expected for a 45 year old cap. The...
  17. vintage Realstic

    Two Channel Audio
    I've got an old Realistic STA-960 stereo amp i got a a garage sale for $5.It's works fine except for the tuner is horrible.We have a local radio station in our city and that is all it pick up no matter where the tuner dial is,I've taken it apart to clean the pots and function switches(they were...
  18. Polk Vintage Monitor 10b XO upgrade

    Home Audio Speakers
    Has anyone done a crossover upgrade for Polk Monitor 10b's with Sonic caps & Mills resistors?
  19. vintage Altecs in home theatre

    New Member Introductions
    I am a new member at the site. I am a sound professional and have been a hifi nut sense high school (now 64). I have built and sold speaker systems off and on for over 30 years. My objective is to build audio overkill for the least possible cost. I am a firm beliver that older vintage speakers...
  20. vintage pioneer C-6000

    Two Channel Audio
    I purchased one of these stereos cheap.The radio works,I just need a needle for the turntable.Its in pretty good shape.Would anyone know what something like this is worth