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  1. The comeback of Cassette tapes and Vinyl?

    Two Channel Audio
    So seeing as there now seems to be a small but none the less noticeable comeback of the Cassette tape and vinyl seems to be gaining ground again do any of you plan on buying a Tape deck and or digging out the one you already have and using it...
  2. Vinyl going High Def....NICE!!!

    Two Channel Audio
    I saw this and really am excited to see the result. Looks like vinyl is catching up to technology. Good thing about it is you don't need to buy a whole new system......Nice!!! http://www.digitalmusicnews.com/2016/03/15/high-definition-vinyl-will-soon-become-a-reality/
  3. Using REW for Vinyl Measurements

    REW Forum
    Is it possible to make measurements like this http://www.stereophile.com/content/linn-lp-playing-system-measurements#LIixZR7Wk4gKbe5Y.97 The sine waves will be recorded from a record player.
  4. Getting back into Vinyl

    CD Players | Turntables
    Recently I fired up my old Technics SL-BD20 to listen to MLK's I have a Dream Speech on Monday. Afterward I plopped on Fleetwood Mac to have a listen to that. I noticed having to turn my AVR up to about -10dB to get any decent sound out of my M60s. My Onkyo has a phono stage built into it as I...
  5. Purchased my vinyl player. Now what?

    CD Players | Turntables
    Hi there, I recently purchased a Pro-Ject Debut Carbon turntable. I'm new to vinyl and now I have no idea what to do, what to buy, etc. I know that I need to purchase a few more things to get the vinyl player running but I don't know what to buy. Can someone please run me through what to buy...
  6. Feel the Love of Digitized Vinyl!

    CD-BD-DVD Music | Vinyl Records
    C'mon now, admit it: those beautifully tactful albums are taking up too much space and you really, really want to free some of it up by digitizing some or all of your collection. But you'd rather not give up the "character" that makes vinyl so attractive to you. So how do you translate those...
  7. Vinyl shop?

    CD-BD-DVD Music | Vinyl Records
    I'm looking for a good vinyl shop.(online or not) with deep / - techno. I'm living in swizerland
  8. Vinyl: Don't Call It a Fluke, It's a Comeback

    Home Theater, Audio and Video News
    A recent thread on Home Theater Shack caught my eye and sent my mind shuffling through years of memories associated with collecting records. The original post asked a very simple question: should the OP revisit buying vinyl? Of course this question can be answered from any number of angles...
  9. Thinking of Getting into Vinyl - Worth It?

    Two Channel Audio
    When I started recently messing around with my 5.1 HT system, I thought I'd try listening to music again; it had been many years since I had listened on a regular basis - I'm talking 25+ years. I used to have a small record collection - LP's, 12", and a few very old 45's. Never really had good...
  10. Ripping My Vinyl

    CD Players | Turntables
    I have a lot of LPs which I would like to convert to MP3 for convenience and to protect my original albums. I do have a turntable with USB and so far have tried Audacity and NCH Golden Records Vinyl to CD Converter software. I am not a fan of either of these products as Audacity makes you tag...
  11. 24/96 Vinyl Rips

    CD Players | Turntables
    What is the attraction of 24/96 vinyl rips? Are they primarily archival? Are they as good to listen to as vinyl itself? Better?
  12. Fraser Valley Vintage Audio Fair

    GTG, Clubs, Associations and Audio Fests
    Hi Folks! First I would like to thank Bob with Creative Sound Solutions for telling me about this forum and inviting me to post our event here. There will be an audio fair and swap meet at the Cultus Lake Community Hall, 4220 Columbia Valley Highway, Cultus Lake, BC on Sunday, September 29th...
  13. Vinyl Window Springs

    AV Home Theater
    Has anybody solved the vinyl window spring rattle issue yet? I was thinking about trying some of that quick seal stuff, kinda like the rino bed liner for your truck. Having three subs and some pretty big speakers, that's pretty much the only thing left I have to tame. If it has been answered...
  14. Massive distortion on vinyl

    CD Players | Turntables
    Hello all. Sorry if this issue has been addressed already somewhere else, but I have a Sony PS-LX350H turntable with Grado Black cart and am getting massive distortion from it. The first thing that came to mind is that it needs to be aligned since I installed the cart myself using a paper...
  15. where to start with vinyl?

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    I'm a bit curious about sound via vinyl. I would listen to mainly jazz, and some R&B. What brands of turntables should I be looking at? What features/tech specs should I look out for? When I decide to purchase I will be using my current system to power the sound. Onkyo, emotiva, paradigm.
  16. Finishing with Dayton Vinyl

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    I'm curious as to how this goes on and how you handle the edges. Can you overlap or or do you have to but the edges exactly? can it handle rounded edges? I'm going to be putting my first box together this weekend and i'm not sure how i'm going to finish it
  17. Time for Vinyl... need a turntable on a budget. Advice?

    CD Players | Turntables
    I'm sure this has been asked to death. I read some through some of the pages on here and felt I should ask, just to make sure I get the right one. Situation: I upgraded my 32" 720p TV to a 55" 1080p and figured, while I'm at it, time for some audio upgrades! I built full tower Natalie-P MTMs...
  18. What's your Top 10 "must have" Vinyl LP Records?

    CD-BD-DVD Music | Vinyl Records
    I am expanding my collection a bit and curious what others believe are their "must have" vinyl LP records. Be sure to tell us what pressing it is and if it is 180 gram vinyl, etc. Mine are in no particular order, but these are some I had to have and a few I have recently purchased in addition...
  19. Pink Floyd: The Dark Side Of The Moon (30th Anniversary) Vinyl

    CD-BD-DVD Music | Vinyl Records
    I am trying to determine if there is a difference between a couple of different offerings I am finding on this album. The title refers to the 180 gram vinyl edition that is an original master recording. I realize they have recently released a newer remastered edition, but my understanding is...
  20. Where to Buy 180 gram vinyl and 200 gram vinyl?

    CD-BD-DVD Music | Vinyl Records
    I have searched around and found a few places that sell 180 gram vinyl and 200 gram vinyl, but not knowing them all I am a bit skeptical. What are your trusted sites to buy higher grade vinyl? Thanks!