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  1. measurement for a specific vocal recording

    REW Forum
    Hi all! This is my first post here - first, thank you for this GREAT forum and ofcourse for the great REW software! I need to check the acoustics of a specific zone in my room in which I record only vocals - infact I want to create a "sweat spot" for recording vocals. I use only one mic (rode...
  2. I need vocal tracking technique examples

    Pro Audio
    Vocal tracking examples. I need some input and if you could sight some examples of the end result on tracking comping producing vocals from another producers / engineers point of view. Can you sight some main stream female artists, in the rock, new alternative venue you have worked with...
  3. Vocal Stems

    Pro Audio
    So I have been working on some stem mastering this week. A nice enough RNB track . the stems I were given were vocal stems. I couldn't quite get it right - got the "backing" track right but just really struggled to get the vocals sitting right in the track. The producer was having the same...
  4. Waves Vocal Rider Review

    Pro Audio
    Waves Vocal Rider Review http://mixonline.com/gear/reviews/waves_vocal_rider.jpg Mar 31, 2010 12:04 PM, By Michael Cooper NOVEL PLUG-IN DYNAMICALLY ADJUSTS LEVELS DURING MIXDOWN Tight budgets or deadlines don’t always allow for the manual line-by-line tweaking of fader levels on a vocal track...
  5. Best Vocal Jazz Album?

    CD-BD-DVD Music | Vinyl Records
    hi all, I think I need a new vocal jazz album, what is your favorite album and why. favorites for the moment(random order) Sinead O'conner Am i not your girl? A bit on the bigband side but sounds really great and Sineads voice and intensity realy shines thought. Dena Derose A walk in the...
  6. Vocal recording acoustics

    Home Audio Acoustics
    Hello All; I don't have a limited budget, but rather a crippled budget for now. For recording vocals for my music project, I have to try to make due with what I already have on hand. I have about a 15' X15' room that has my computer and audio equipment. It is also open to an 'S' shaped hall...