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  1. Which are the best setting for a BenQ W5000?

    Home Theater Projectors
    Hey Guys First of all i'm new here so if a posted the post the wrong place i'm sorry. I got my self a BenQ W5000 and i'm quite happy with it. But after googling for setting I found pictures from mechman's BenQ W5000. To be honest i'm very impressed and I wonder if any of you could help me come...
  2. My BenQ W5000 Died Last Night

    Home Theater Projectors
    After 3 years it's finally given up the ghost to the dreaded bad DMD panel. Half the screen is black and white vertical lines. I'm pretty disappointed that this unit, even though it is a refurb, lasted a little over 3 years only. My original projector, a Mitsubishi HC3000, is still going...
  3. Benq W5000

    Home Theater Projectors
    All of the sudden my Benq W5000, which has worked like a dream for a couple of years, started going crazy on just the left half of the screen. It is completely garbled while the right side is perfect. I turned it off and on and that worked for a few days, but now it is constant. Is there an...
  4. Benq w5000 Power Orange Light and Lamp red light is coming on

    Home Theater Projectors
    I have a Benq w5000 home theater projector. I probably have used it for 150 hours and it's telling me the lamp / bulb is dead now (the power Orange and lamp Red light is on). I have tried several things with out success. For example unplugging the power supply and all the connections and taking...
  5. Benq w5000 Replacement Lamp purchase

    Home Theater Projectors
    Where can I purchase affordable lamp for Benq w5000 projector? Thanks, Spdzy
  6. Now need BenQ W5000 picture settings.

    Home Theater Projectors
    Since I went out an purchased the W5000 over the weekend, and yes my wife (after the initial shock of finding we no longer have 'Zero' balance on the Credit Card) was quite understanding, especially when I pointed out the orginal PJ and screen setup (W6000) I was looking at was around $7000...
  7. BenQ W5000 run out sale, is this a good price

    Home Theater Projectors
    Hi guys and happy shacking! Just about to buy my first PJ when I was casing the local HT store and was offered this as a deal. What I want to know is am I wasting my money or should I get it. More importantly is the BenQ W5000 a good entry level projector? Okay, here's the deal. BenQ W5000...
  8. BenQ W5000 or W20000? What is your choice?

    Home Theater Projectors
    OK after reading a few reveiws on Projectors such as - Acer - BenQ - Canon - Casio - Epson - Infocus - Mitsubishi - NEC - Optoma - Panasonic - Sanyo - Sony - Toshiba my conclusion for asthetic, function, simpilicity, performance and the most important one the price is the BENQ...
  9. BenQ W5000

    Home Theater Projectors
    I recently got in on the refurbished bandwagon for this projector. And I'm very happy with it. My old pj was the Mitsubishi HC3000 which was your average run of the mill 720p projector. The W5000 is a 1080p. I figured I'd share this journey! ;) When the box showed up at the door I was amazed...