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  1. Can I install a window AC unit in my theater wall?

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    My HT is in my attic above my garage. While we have AC to it from the house (2 ducts) and an air return, it still gets warm. It's totally insulated BTW. In fact I think it's so well insulated the PJ heats up the room. I'm thinking of installing a window AC unit into the wall because the...
  2. How best to mount a velvet frame for screen painted on wall?

    DIY Screens
    So, having lived with my Elektra N8 screen for a few months, its finally time to frame it. The screen is ~110"W x 62"H. I just ordered some Royalty 3 Velvet in black from JoAnn's using a 50% off coupon to force me to get started on the frame. I am looking for advice on how to best mount it...
  3. Bass traps nested in corner between roof and wall?

    Home Audio Acoustics
    I already have some treatments behind my front speakers and in one corner but they are just very poorly made 3 inch thick panels (good fiber but very bad diy). I want to add some bass traps in the future but really only have room along the ceiling If you could only put bass traps in corners...
  4. Rear ported tower speaker distance from wall behind them?

    Home Audio Speakers
    I was playing around with how my speakers are positioned in our theater room. Is there a spacific guidline as to how far away a rear ported tower speaker should be placed from a wall behind it? My speakers are Mission 765's (two 8" drivers and a silk dome tweeter) they have a frequency responce...