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  1. Mitsubishi
    Here I go again on my own.. lol Ok so, despite recommendations and since I was given this unit for free.. I decided to dive into the chassis.. Found some bad caps on the power board and it appears as though this unit has been serviced before and all the caps from Jamicon did not get...
  2. Mitsubishi
    Yesterday my TV picture went away, I knew my lamp didn't have a lot of time left on it, but I also lost sound. I have had a bulb go before but I don't recall losing sound. I had a new bulb on hand, but one without a cage where I had to pull the old buld out and insert the new in the cage. We...
  3. Mitsubishi
    My WD-52725 has a problem that I've yet to read about. Hopefully someone can give me some insight as to what the issue is and how to go about troubleshooting it. Upon plugging the set into the surge, it blinks green and goes through the normal boot process. After booting is finished...
1-3 of 3 Results