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  1. Computers | HTPC | Media Servers
    I added a 3TB WD My Book USB hard drive to my WD TV Live Plus media player last fall and it seems to be humming along quite smoothly. I have two other media players, an Iomega with a built in 1TB drive and the other, an Android TV box with a USB 1TB Seagate drive. I'm happy with the the...
  2. Computers | HTPC | Media Servers
    I've started experiencing a few problems with my WD. Here's the list of problems [​IMG] Mapping it as a network drive, in the middle of a transfer, the device would suddenly become unavailable and then I could not get it remapped. When streaming a show in Netflix, it would stop in the...
  3. General Service and Technical Information
    The volume is so low that you can barely hear it. The volume is all the way up. Is there something in the set up I am not getting?
  4. Mitsubishi
    I've not yet found info anywhere describing the problem that I'm having. I've seen issues that are close tho. While TV is not powered on - I'll just be reading quietly. Out of nowhere I'll here a click and notice the green light flashing, then it stops. Very similar to when I power the TV...
  5. Mitsubishi
    My Mitsubishi will not turn on after the flashing light goes off. When I first plug it in it will flash rapidly about 10 times and pause and repeat over and over again for 5 to 10 minutes and then stop. No diagnostic codes are displayed when following the procedure for doing so. I have taken the...
  6. Mitsubishi
    I just picked this up today for free. It comes on at first, plays but has pink diagonal lines that seem to pulse in speed and slowly change angle after it is on for a few, then the width of the pink lines thin out. Also, after a few minutes is suddenly turns off, with the blinking green light...
  7. Mitsubishi
    Hi everyone I think my tv is dying possibly. It's a dlp tv and we suddenly have a small white dot flashing on the screen getting worse all the time seems to be in the middle of the screen any ideas. Thanks in advance.
  8. Mitsubishi
    What is causing this pisture distortion?
  9. Mitsubishi
    Hey guys, Been searching a bit before posting just to make sure that I don't post something already posted. The issue I'm having has to do with the lamp. TV turns on perfectly fine, everything works but you have to keep front cover off and tap the metal piece on lamp assembly to get bulb to...
  10. System Setup and Connection
    Hi all! Just got my brand new Pioneer VSX-S300 amplifier. It works like a clock with my DVD and BluRay players, DVBS-settop box and all - except my trusted "old" WD TV Live Hub. The only possible connection is by HDMI. Could these two gadgets really be incompatible? Whoa! Even my wife and I ....
  11. Mitsubishi
    Help if you will please,One day ago I replaced old lamp with new lamp,T V worked perfectly for 24 hours,Now when it is pluged up the green light blinks continuslly, I think I need to replace capacitors,but I cant find imfo for my T V.Mitsubishi dlp wd-65732 ,I need to know how to locate those...
  12. Mitsubishi
    I'm interested in buying a WD-65733 that supposedly has a bad bulb. The current owner told me he replaced the first bulb after 2 years of purchasing it. After he replaced it, 9 months later, the bulb appeared to go bad again so he bought a new plasma tv from a friend to replace it and gave up on...
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  14. Computers | HTPC | Media Servers
    Hi everyone, I have a Western digital WD TV media player. I took all the Digital copies that came with some of my BluRay movies and put them on the hard drive that I have hooked up to the WD TV controller but it shows the file is there in the menu but wont play them. They are in Windows Media...
  15. Mitsubishi
    someone is selling a wd65734 for 70 bucks. I am wondering if their description sounds right. (This is a DLP Model WD65734 - manufactured July 2007. New bulb. Has bad DLP chip. Asking $70.00. ) Is there a DLP chip?. thanks for info JIm
  16. Mitsubishi
    I have a Mitsubishi , Model WD-62725, I purchased about 7-8 years ago, had to unplug the Directv this morning to reset it and now the TV wont turn on, just keeps rapidly flashing a green light under the timer on the front panel. I've tried pushing the system reset button and it doesn't help...
  17. Mitsubishi
    I have a Mitsubishi WD 60" 09 Model & Apon turning the set on i get a squealing sound, Now this is only when Powering on the Set, It's like a quick Screech & then Squeal, Been doing this for awhile now but has posed no problem's with anything but i would like to know in case one day it leads to...
  18. Mitsubishi
    I have a mitsubishi wd-62526 that i have just put a new bulb in and it is very dim. It works but the picture is very dark. I do not have the original remote and am useing a universal. Any ideas?
  19. Mitsubishi
    I have a wd-52725 that I recently changed the lamp in November of last year and afterwards I noticed that it would take longer and longer to turn on. There is no BGLOD but when I change channels it takes up to 3 to 4 seconds to respond. I also can not use the PIP anymore. It comes on and I can...
1-19 of 31 Results