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  1. New member tired of buying weak subwoofers...

    New Member Introductions
    Hi all...I'm a new member who has purchased 2 subs in the past, and was greatly disappointed in both. I am looking to try yet again to purchase or build a sub. I'm hoping to become a bit more knowledgeable now that I have joined this forum... Carl
  2. very weak sub output level with mini dsp

    Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    Good morning hope you can help me out for a moment here I built a micro marty box that i outfitted with a TC Sounds LMR-R15 driver that i had. here how i connected everything : from Anthem MRX300 sub out rca to inputt1 of minidsp 2 X 4 balanced with cutout end connected to positive and...
  3. Sony STR-DE715 has a weak left channel

    I've rotated a few sets of speakers to make sure it wasn't just the speaker. The volume is still there, but it's distorted and the channel is weak. I'm sure this is a common problem but after multiple searches couldn't come up with a conclusion. Please advise
  4. Somethings gone weak!

    REW Forum
    Haven't done a measurement for a couple of months and despite having a routine setup, with Check Levels I am now getting really weak Right signal (-47dB) with the usual (-12dB) Out setting. Of course that is too low to make a measurement. The Soundblaster is at 100% and the stereo is at -15 as...
  5. Weak bass!

    Home Audio Acoustics
    Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum. Although I will likely someday build a home theater, my listening space is a small home recording/mastering studio. I have had this problem in my old studio and now I'm moving to a new location and in the process trying to do everything right that I skimped...
  6. Weak bass DIY Peerless

    DIY Speakers
    Hi all, I am a beginner in DIY speakers and have been reading quite a lot lately but cannot find the reason to why my speakers perform this bad at the lower frequencies 150hz and down. I am using Perless nomex 830875 crossed at approx 810hz with a 2nd order, no Zobel. Internal cabinet...
  7. Weak bass from subwoofer, how to troubleshoot !

    Home Audio Subwoofers
    When a subwoofer outputs weak bass, what could be the likely cause and fix ? Even if I turn the gain to the max on both the sub and receiver, the bass is just weak. When I switch to my Energy S10 sub on the same setup, bass is plentiful with the gain @ 9 o'clock and trim on the receiver @ 0db...
  8. My Setup Weak (Weakess) Link

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    My current setup :- Onkyo SR608 AV Amp Philips 3000 BR Player (intend to buy myself a Sony BDP S370 or 470) KEF KHT 3005SE Silver 3 x 1.5M Audioquest Indigo + for the Front & Center Speakers 1 pair of 1M Audioquest Quartz X3 analogue inter-connect btw BR player & AV Amp 1 pce of 3M XLO/VDO ER2...
  9. Hlr6167 Weak or No signal

    I have been having a problem with my Hlr 6167 saying weak or no signal. I read the post about the digital board problems but people were talking about getting a green screen, I don't get that. I have my Cable Box connected with component cables. It does it more when I watch the HD channels than...
  10. Symptom of weak lamp?

    Home Theater Projectors
    I have a Toshiba TLP-MTU2 LCD projector. The lamp is approaching end of life hours and I have noticed a color shift (looks similar to a color gun being out of alingment on an old CRT television), red ghosting. My question is...does anyone know if this is a symptom of a weakening lamp? I am...
  11. Onkyo 606 decoding TrueHD weak rear surround output

    System Setup and Connection
    Newbie here folks - Hi ! Just got a new Onkyo 606. It replaces and old Yamaha 5.1 setup and is using the same Polk fronts, Bose rears, whatever Center and Yamaha sub. It's connected to my Samsung BDP 1400 Blu Ray player and HDTV all via HDMI. Now, here's my problem: When playing a TrueHD...
  12. My IB sounds weak.

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    After I upgraded my IB from 2 tempest to 4... all was fine.... then I started playing around with the BFD... it was going good.... then as as yesterday....the subs feel like thier running on 7 cylinders.. Things I have done so far to see what the problem is... - I bypassed the BFD.... no...