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    We have been having torrential rain and winds gusting to 135 km/h here. There are trees down all over including a gum tree which used to be in our yard. It is now on the neighbours front lawn after bringing down their power lines. We also have a second tree that is leaning at about 15 degrees...
  2. New Member Introductions
    Hi everybody, my name is Wolfgang and I live in Germany. My main interest is the room acoustics with the objective of the physical understanding of short-term events like a bang or the sense of hearing. The focus are porous absorbers, resonators and diffusers. The HTS members have a good...
  3. Chat Box SWAMP
    Well we woke up to a sight that is not typical for our part of the country. I'll be watching out for the postman today as snow or sleet will be an issue for them today at least in my neighborhood. Here is a shot of the cul de sac in front of our house and the street is a sheet of ice.
  4. Chat Box SWAMP
    Ive lived in Edmonton Alberta Canada since I was born (42years), We have some of the wildest temperature swings and unusual weather. Last winter we had the longest amount of days with snow on the ground and lots of it on record, then in the first part of the summer we had the most amount of rain...
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    Last few days have been miserably cold with zero and below temps and some snow around also. The wind has been picking up somewhat too. Wife has been at the living room window and just staring and staring. I may have to let her in soon. :hide:
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    I dont know what is going on this year but we are in a very strange weather pattern. April and May have been some of the driest on record with less than 1" of rain and it still looks like we wont have any rain for at least a week more :scratch: Its incredibly dry this spring. Too make things...
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    EDIT - Posts cut from "First time Sub DIY - Help Plz" thread. You're right about Mike P, he is one of the wonderful resources of this Forum. He is knowledgeable, cooperative, easy going, but lives in a foreign country . . . . (joke). I have to add my thanks too Mike. PS you're awfully quick...